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Aria Poker Room Review

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Have you heard about the Aria poker room?

Poker rooms are known to be difficult to find most of the time.

They are often hidden under some weird zone of the casino and are incredibly gloomy regarding décor and style.

The Aria poker room, however, is nothing like that and is located in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The room isn’t the biggest in the world and fits in only 24 tables, but the comforts provided in this room are top notch and should be something to look forward to.

The poker room is located near the sports book of Aria and it is really not hard to miss, even though it might be placed at the back of the casino, it still is serviced by the footfall of many people walking by and the best part is that the room has both a front and a back entrance.

The beautiful wall that divides this poker room from the rest of the casino is tough to miss and does capture your attention since it is so beautifully made.

As already stated the room only has 24 tables which make it small compared to some of the other poker rooms out there, nevertheless, it does have a slightly elevated zone for some tables and a particular ‘Ivey’s Room’ which is a high limit table which is only for private use.

The tables are very well spaced, and there is a lot of places to move about, the room doesn’t feel as small as stated earlier though.

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Games played

Poker Games You Need To Play To Sharpen Your Hold 'Em Skills

The most common games is a $1-$3 no limit game which has a max buy-in of $300.

There are other games which also featured a max buy-in of $1000, there are various games going on at all times and you have to keep an eye out for which game can get you the right amount of winnings.

There are some of the best bets for the Omaha game at the room during off-peak times and that is when you could win a lot of dough.

The games run throughout the day and as expected the tables are mostly full during the night.

The tables are mostly empty during the morning, expectedly and only a few tables are run before 1 PM.

This is when the real fun starts with the room playing its popular 1 PM game which gets more than 100 people trying to get a game.

There also is a 7 PM game which also brings in a lot of players and this is also a top-rated game for players.


aria resort

This is a great poker room to visit; it has a lot of comforts with many television sets, sports book. It also houses parking spaces and fantastic food to go all around.

This has almost everything that would keep you interested in staying near the table. And trying to win a few hands in between.

There are a few complimentary drinks to go all around as well. Free Wi-Fi for users and a lot of other things to keep you busy in between your poker games. You could theoretically live in this poker room but only if you have the bank balance for it.

The tables also feature the most comfortable chairs; according to the people who have visited the poker room.

The tables also feature mobile charging points. Which are brilliant for those who need to charge up their cell but don’t want to leave the table.

The celebrities

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The poker room is trendy and you could be sitting at games with some huge named players.

You might even see a top poker player come in for a game or two in the Aria poker room; it is that brilliant.

The staff

poker staff

One of the best things in this poker room is the conduct and behavior of the staff working.

They are bright, chirpy and helpful at all times. Indeed a top class poker room. But you rarely will find someone who isn’t smiling back at you. Everyone is willing to help you out in case you doubt something.

The people at the cashier cage were also accommodating and happy. Even though you took money away from them!

The Aria poker room is somewhat like every other poker room out there. But this room does have a charm and quality of its own.

It is a top of the range poker room and the behavior expected by the players also must be top notch.

You will rarely find any sort of dispute going on the floor. It is a great help for those enjoying their game of poker.

The final verdict: Aria Poker Room

final verdict

The Aria poker room has all the amenities and offers much more than you would expect from a poker room.

The Aria poker room isn’t the hardest to find and being in Las Vegas, you will always have a lot of things to do and then come back to the poker room once you want to.

The great thing about the poker room is the décor which does take your breath away.

The private room is also a unique feature. Its elevated position gains the eyeballs of players.

The games played here are also, expectedly require you to put up some high bids and bets to get in. But that is something you would have to do to have a chance of making some dough.

Only the best players would think of trying their hand here. Or the ones who have saved a lot of money to play the games in the room. But one thing is a surety; you need to experience this table at least once in your poker playing career.

Even if you do not play any games at the table, you need to see it to believe it.

The compact nature of the room makes the experience all the better for players.

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