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Celeb Poker: Stars Who Are Actually Good At Poker

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Who is your favorite celeb poker?

Poker is an enjoyable game which is played by millions all across the world.

People are always trying to make a quick buck or work hard to make a fortune playing this game.

There are a few players out there who don’t need to make a fortune as they already have one in their back pockets.

Poker is one of the most popular games for celebrities as well, and they often play at large tournaments or even thanks to online poker, they can play it at home.

We look at a few celebrities who are brilliant at poker and often have won, significant.

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Neymar the celeb poker

neymar poker

Neymar Jr. plays for one of the biggest football clubs in the world, FC Barcelona and he is one of the brand ambassadors for PokerStars.

He often posts pictures of him and his friends playing a game of poker.

Recently, the Brazil international footballer posted a picture of him landing a rare royal flush in an online game.

This hand helped him win over $100,000!

Not that he needs the money, but this is a pretty decent sum for this celeb poker.

Rafael Nadal

rafeal nadal poker

The Spanish tennis ace seems to like a bit of poker when not winning championships on the court.

He has competed in tournaments and at the ETP Prague festival, his first live poker tournament; he played against some of the biggest poker players including Daniel Negreanu.

The Spanish player won €50,000, which he promptly donated to a charity.

Who says he doesn’t have a career being a celeb poker after he finishes playing tennis?

Jason Alexander

jason alexander poker

Everyone would remember the shenanigans of George Costanza on the hit sitcom, Seinfeld.

While Alexander hasn’t hit the same heights after the end of Seinfeld, Jason is an accomplished celeb poker and has appeared on various television shows related to the game.

He plays in many tournaments and his best finish was when he came fifth in a World Series of Poker tournament in 2010 where he ended up winning $16,993.

Shannon Elizabeth

shannon elizabeth poker

She might be remembered for the American Pie movies, but Shannon is a regular celeb poker in many casinos in Las Vegas.

Based on many reports, Shannon is extremely good at tournaments and has taken part and done well in many competitions.

In 2010 the actor finished second in the World Series of Poker Ante Up for Africa Charity Event and won $79,776.

Her biggest win came three years before that when she came third in an NBC National Heads-up Championship.

Beauty and brains, the perfect combination!

Matt Damon

matt damon poker

Matt Damon was one of the actors in the popular ‘Rounders’ film, which is based on poker.

The actor went deep into the role of playing a poker player and lost out close to $25,000 when learning about the part.

He, however, has played in many large tournaments with other celebrities and has often cashed out at games.

Surprisingly, none of his records are available from the various poker games, Jason Bourne a bit too much for Damon?

Ben Affleck

ben affleck poker

When Matt Damon plays Poker, his best friend cannot be far away from the game, can he?

Ben Affleck has also taken part in various poker events and seems to be an accomplished celeb poker.

He has just one result cash into his name, at least based on reports, which won him over $300,000 but he is a regular at the big games and can be seen playing games in Los Angeles.

The new Batman certainly seems to be getting into the Bruce Wayne role quite well.

Gerard Pique

gerrard pique poker

Another footballer who seems to be great at poker, Pique might have peaked the interest of Shakira, but the FC Barcelona defender isn’t half bad when playing a poker tournament.

When he was playing in the EPT Barcelona Main Event in 2013, he did cash out but unfortunately for him; he finished 19th.

Can’t win everything all the time, eh Gerard?

Teddy Sheringham

teddy sheringham poker

Sheringham might be someone who recent football followers may not remember but the Manchester United and Tottenham striker was a legend in the Premier League, and he made over 700 league appearances for all the clubs he represented.

Now, the retired footballer is seen playing in a range of tournaments all across Europe.

The highest this celeb poker has earned in his relatively short poker career is close to $100,000 in the 2010 European Poker Tour Vilamoura Main Event.

Tobey Maguire

tobey poker

The original Spiderman, so far the best Spiderman, at least for us, Tobey is part of the Damon, Affleck axis.

Maguire is known to play a part in high stakes games and he isn’t half as bad as the last Spiderman movie he appeared in.

He seems to be a bit of a beast at cash games and rumors circulated at one point that Maguire was earning up to a million dollars every month, notching up close to $40 million per month.

There you have it, some the celeb poker who has tried his hand at poker.

Of course, not all of them have been hugely successful in playing the game; we only read about the good that they have done.

We are sure they have lost as much money as they have pumped into the game but isn’t that the fun of playing poker?

Again, it doesn’t make much of a difference to these superstars; they have the money to spend and burn, this isn’t just a game for them; it is a sort of recreation.

This recreation bit and blowing away the movie cannot hold for regular players either at casinos or online.

A word of advice to all poker lovers, follow these stars but never try to repeat their playing styles or you could be losing more money than making when you are taking up poker.

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