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Governor Of Poker 2: Strategies That Dominate

Written by Jason Frakk. Last updated on

Of the many games related to poker online.

Governor of Poker was one of the most successful and highly rated poker games out there.

They later came out with another updated version of the game called Governor of Poker 2.

No prizes for creativity with the naming of the sequel though.

Governor of Poker 2 follows the same story as compared to Governor of Poker; the game is a brilliant mix of strategy and skill as you travel from town to town, defeating opponents and making the dough.

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7 golden Tips To Dominate Governor of Poker 2

19 large cities, 27 different salons and tons of opponents makes Governor of Poker 2 one of the top games to be released and we have some tips to make you the king of the game.

Tip 1

When you are starting to play the game first, don’t go with the idea that you will defeat the Governor on the first go.

Play a few games to learn about the mechanics, style and other features of the game.

Rome was not built in a day and neither can you defeat the Governor in one go, take your time as the game isn’t a sprint but a marathon.

Tip 2

The premise of the game is to build your foundation and claim cities, so once you do beat a few people in the game, you can purchase cities.

It would be probable that you get enough daily income from the cities you own to play at the local poker tournament in that city.

This can lead to no risk games as you could end up getting more daily income from cities than the amount needed to buy into a local game.

Of course, the more cities you own, the more games you can play and play in bigger games is what will bring in the big waddles of cash

Just remember not to click on the same icon to collect rent from the same city twice, this can lower your reputation which isn’t good for you.

Tip 3

Increasing your reputation might be a tough task as games are hard but by replaying the game in a certain city can help you improve your statistic score and your reputation over time.

Of course, this should not be taken as the best way to increase your reputation.

You do need to go and play other tougher games but if you are stuck in a rut, playing an easier game once can help you out and bring in that confidence which can give you the kick you needed.

Tip 4

There is this belief in the circuit that this game is built for aggressive players and the more aggressive you are, the better are your chances of winning, so do try to steam some opponents or try to tilt them.

You could come out on top of the tournament and end up first!

Tip 5

Another strategy taken up and this is proof that the game favors aggressive players is if you almost go all in with your bet, then most of the time the bots you play against will fold.

This has happened a lot of times for many reported players and the only time a bot may not fold is when it has a really good hand.

Bluffing your way to the top could work out for the best.

Tip 6

If you have a poor hand, fold it as soon as possible, the dealer almost instantly will give you a better hand the next time around.

This, of course, does not happen all of the time but a majority of the cases have seen this incident take place.

Tip 7

The bots seem to be programmed to consider any pair of cards the same, even if they are high or low.

So often these bot players end up going all in even when they do not have strong hands.

So if you feel that you have a decent set of cards, go for it, bluffing is a part of the game which humans have been brilliant at while computers are just computers after all.

No cheating please

Although the above tactics are just some chinks which a player can use to win a few games, there are a few articles out there that have found a cheat to win more games.

Cheating is never really that good a tactic and more often than not a simple bug correction can stop the cheat and usually the players who are suspected of cheating are removed from the game or have their winnings adjusted.

Don’t cheat just to win a few games; a game is supposed to be enjoyed over time rather than won in the first round.

Some important tips to remember when taking up the game; always be aggressive as the game favors those players. Try and out bet the bots as that is something which they cannot deal with and most importantly, enjoy the game!

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