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Top 10 Secret Strategies To Use At Governor Of Poker

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Governor of Poker has gained much popularity with people of different ages.

It starts with the player in a small town called San Saba.

The player enters a poker tourney and if he wins money, it leads to buying houses with that money and consequently entering more poker tournaments to buy up more property.

The games go on until the whole of Texas is bought and the player faces his final opponent in the game.

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Like all other games, this game too requires a certain amount of skill and well you do need some luck because it is poker after all.

What makes this game one of the best among online poker is the way the graphics have been designed, in a simple yet effective way.

The sound effects too are entirely natural and give you the feel of a poker table in a Mexican town.

Here are some tried and tested poker strategies that could be put to use to help you cross all the levels and beat your opponents with ease.

Oh, and here you download the game.

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Strategy 1

Governor of poker has all the basic rules and jargon of poker, so if you are not familiar with it, this might be hard for you so get your poker basics right before you start on this one.

You can go for the practice play before beginning to play with real money.

In the first level, limit yourself to merely folding the cards, and if you do not have the small blind or the big blind, no penalty will be incurred.

Getting out of the first town is very important so that you can ride your ‘horse’ to the next villages and start buying up the property.

Strategy 2

When playing the tournaments, play cautiously and try to come up to the third position.

Once you are consistent in your top 3 positions, you can try to bully the chips out of the other players.

Don’t be hasty to try out the pickup games but if you want to, then avoid pushing your luck too hard, especially when running low on money.

When you have made just enough money, say about $300, leave the table.

When playing the early levels, play calmly and look for spots to pick up chips.

Strategy 3

Many of the strategies of Texas hold’em apply to this game as well.

Like poker, it is essential to know which cards to fold and which ones to raise.

Be careful when a poker bully is trying to force you out of the game.

Since this game takes a lot from Texas hold’em, it helps to read the other players carefully and understand them.

Strategy 4

As you progress through the levels, more aggressive strategies have to be employed.

If you have stacked up considerably, you can use this to bully the other opponents who haven’t been so lucky.

And if you are not running high on luck and your stack is steadily diminishing, you will need to play cautiously and look for the right moments.

Strategy 5

When playing any poker tournament, it is important to learn to play a short stack well.

The blinds go up fast depending on your stack size so make sure to get the best possible spots to get the stack back to the middle.

Try to go for bigger scores.

Strategy 6

You should go for calling all in only under exceptional circumstances because shoving all in provides you with chances to win while calling all in will leave with only one chance to win.

If you call all in during the tournament, then you have to showdown the best hand to win while shoving all in allows you to win if nobody calls you and to also win by making the best hand.

It is always better to shove in when you are running short on your stack.

Strategy 7

When you start making money, don’t be in a hurry to buy up properties immediately.

Before you start buying, make sure you have enough bankrolls to build up your reputation and also to give you support when the game gets tough.

So, at the beginning of the game, concentrate on increasing your bankroll instead of getting into a buying spree.

But when you get into the buying mode, do it wisely because some properties will help you gain more than the others. So you need a discerning mind here for governor of poker.

Strategy 8

Be alert when your opponents start raising; you would do well to fold any marginal hands that you are holding.

If you look carefully for the right opportunity; you will come across many to make money from these opponents of yours.

Don’t bet blindly just for the sake of betting; if you don’t want to see your stack of chips disappearing fast.

Strategy 9

Unless you are very confident with your hand, keep folding and stay away from the Cowboys.

They always give you a tough game to play and will not fold up to you easily.

Strategy 10

When you are playing level 2; it gets slightly tougher as it is not just enough to keep folding when you don’t have the big or small blind.

You need to be among the top 5 out of 16 here and also buy up all the houses in three towns; to play the man for the wagon.

When you don’t have the big or small blind, play at least one hand.

governor of poker: Bonus Strategy Tip

Before the flop; play high pairs and very strong hands fast as this can put more money in the early pot.

This strategy also helps to ensure any weak hands that might get lucky and beat you to fold up.

As it has already been said; Governor of Poker needs skill with some blend of luck; so when you keep losing the games one after the other in the first level; start a new day.

If that too does not give you any wins, start again and keep repeating this until you have enough money to buy a horse; and move to the other towns.

If you get stuck and can’t get anywhere in the game; there is help to be found. Have a look over here for some cheats.

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