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Poker Games You Need to Play to Sharpen Your Hold ‘Em Skills

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If you want to sharpen your Texas Hold ‘em skills, there are a lot of different styles of poker games that can do the job for you.

While playing as much Hold’em as possible will help, other styles of games can let you focus on specific skills.

Here is a list of the best games to play to get better.

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Omaha High

omaha high

Omaha High

The Omaha High is very popular in Europe.

Omaha hold ’em is a community card poker game similar to Texas hold ’em. Each player draws four cards. The player must make his or her best hand using exactly two of them, plus exactly three of the five community cards

The limitation on the combination can make you a sharper board card player in your Texas game.

Omaha is usually played using blinds. The player to the left of the dealer places a small blind when at least three players are playing. The next player to the left places a bigger blind.

The big blind is equivalent to the minimum bet placed, while the small blind is typically 50% of the amount.

With a “heads-up” game (two players on the table), the small blind is placed by the dealer, and the non-dealer places the big one.

In most cases, a pot limit betting structure is what is used in playing Omaha High, though it is still possible to have other limits.

8, 5 Card, Hi/Lo Omaha

omaha high low

Omaha High Low.

These poker games play similar to straight Omaha, but they have additional prescribed limits.

With Omaha Eight, only 8s or better play!

With the 5 card styles, there is a 5th hole card given each player just before the flop.

You can also experience different styles of play and tell.


courchlevel poker

Courchevel Poker.

This is another variation of Omaha, most similar to the 5 card style.

In Courchevel, the first card is exposed at the start of each hand.

You get the same pre-flop hole set of 5 as well. The added element of the exposed card can make you more attuned to reading and risk.

This is an intensely important skill to develop, particularly if you favor face to face Texas Hold ‘em.

7 Card Stud and High/Low 7 Card Stud



This was the game that Texas Hold’em replaced at the tables.

Stud is also well known and draws 7 cards, including exposed cards. The hole and the board are also equally important.

The increased card count can make you more versatile in your combination of play and also help to develop your strategy.

7 Card Stud Low/Razz Poker

razz poker

Razz Poker.

Also known as “Razz” this is an unusual twist on the Stud game.

Taken from the Hi/Lo version, Razz Poker is also an intriguing variation of 7 Card Stud.

The lowest hand wins the whole pot in Razz Poker.

And it is a game which uses a standard deck of 52 cards and played by 2 to 8 players with the primary goal of developing the weakest 5-card hand from the available 7 cards.

The weakest hand wins the pot.

The goal is to create the worst hand possible, and yet still win.

If that doesn’t seem to have a point to you consider this, to know how to win with a bad hand is the way you can lock in being a champion at any time.

Anyone can win with a good hand.

Five Card Draw

5 card draw


This is the classic Hoyle variation of poker that most people first learn.

With one round of draw and as many rounds of betting until someone makes a call and meets it.

This game returns you to the roots of poker and can let you focus on learning and building your combinations.

The key to developing your Hold’em skill is to play as much as you can, and as many different styles of poker as possible.

The Position

table position

Different table positions.

The poker position is the position where you sit in relation to the button of the dealer. This creates three positions from a standard 10 player poker table.

These are the ‘Late’ position, the ‘Middle’ position and the ‘Early’ position.

The table position is an important thing when playing poker because it could benefit or hurt you when making correct hand decisions.

The poker player in the early position is the person who needs to act first and to either raise or place bets against the player on the later positions; he also needs to play with a stronger hand.

The dealer position is also one of the best positions, and if you are not the dealer, being as far as possible from the dealer is the other best position for you.

If you are the dealer, you will also get the chance to make the last move. In most cases, it is essential.

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