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Poker rules learn em to bend em

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Poker Rules: Poker is a game in which players compete against one another for a pot in the middle (chips which can be cashed into money).

The player who has the best hand at the end of the betting wins the money.

There are quite a few rules to pick up when playing the game of poker, knowing the rules of the game is one of the most important factors for any game.

The more you know but the game you are playing, the better are the chances of your doing well, so learn the rules to bend em but never think about breaking them.

There is no point in trying to cheat to win.

Poker Rule: Play fair and wins will come, of course, poker isn’t easy but cheating to win is not the way to go.

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poker rules: The rules of the game

The Essential Poker Rules You Must Know About

There are many kinds of poker games dealing with the number of cards and players, the basics of the game remain the same so do not fret when you hear a different version of poker is being played.

The kinds of poker can be listed as Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-lo, Stud Hi, Stud Hi-lo, Razz, Draw Poker and Mixed poker, there are other variations as well.

This list consists of the simple rules used for any kind of game, irrespective of the game.

A normal deck of cards; these are 52 cards which are of 4 colors and ranges from Aces to 10 for each of these colors or suits.

The most important part of the game is the showdown or the end of a game; this is where the players who remain with their cards have to compare hands.

This can be done with the addition of the common cards and the best combination of cards wins.

Often the first action in a game of poker is a forced bet, this starts the game up and helps to create a pot in which other players can add by betting more in the following rounds.

Without this action, a game of poker would not start.

poker rules: The deal

How to Remember Winning Poker-Hands-and-Their-Rank

After an initial set of cards; each player then acts, normally in a clockwise direction in the table, here is what the player can do at this point.

  • Check: This is done if there is not bet in the game, this move allows a player to check, i.e., the action moves to the next player in the clockwise direction; If every player checks in one round then that round is complete.
  • Bet: A player can bet if no one else has in the round.
  • Fold: A player can toss away his cards and possibly lose out on any money he might have bet in that round. The player cannot win the hand if he does this.
  • Call: A player can call to match the highest bet made in a round.
  • Raise: Similar to calling, here a player bets a bit more than the highest bet in the round.

poker rules: The showdown

poker is not my life

Once the last bet has taken place or the raise has taken place in the final round of betting; a showdown takes place. ‘

This is where any players that remain in the game must show what cards they are holding; this is the last action of any game.

The player with the best hand in combination with the common cards; wins the pot.

Players do not all show their hands at the same time; rather it goes in the clockwise order with each player taking their turn to flip over their cards.

Multiple winners share pot

poker rules Limits

How to Become a No Limit Holdem-Professional-Poker-Player

There are some limits a player should know about when playing the game; these are important while playing any game.

  • Spread Limit: In this format of games a player can only raise or bet any amount, but in a specified range.
  • Pot Limit: In this format, a player can raise a bet or match the amount that has been in the pot; but cannot exceed it.
  • Fixed Limit: In this format, a player can only raise a bet; but he can bet limited amount.
  • No Limit: In this format, a player can bet as much money or stack as he wants; whenever it is his turn to act. He can also put in all their chips in one go.

While these are just the basic rules of the game; one must know a few more tips and tricks before going all in to play the game.

Poker isn’t the hardest game to pick up; the rules are not that hard just remember; do not play out of turn; do not be a rough character when playing the game or be too loud and brutish about being at a table.

Basic manners must be there and of course, never show your cards to anyone; even if you are folding or tossing them away as it might help someone else who is playing the game.

You are going to a table to win the game, not to help others succeed.

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