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Live Poker Notes, Anyone?

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Poker Notes: Not everyone has a great memory or even photographic memory in life let alone remembering a ton of permutations and combinations when it comes to playing poker.

The fact that players get cards and have to try and remember what is the best way to play keeps on changing as more cards are revealed and other players do their part either on the table or on the internet.

The need to make quick decisions can only be made if you know what is going on at the table and keeping notes of the action on the table is the best way of doing that.

Although many live poker events and casinos do not allow people to take poker notes when playing games, you can do this easily in your home when you are playing online poker.

There are some tournaments that can allow this act but you need to be sure of the rules before you think about trying this out.

Poker notes can help you out more often than not, you cannot always remember what has happened at the table and we look at just what you can do when using notes and how this can help you out.

We provide some simple tips to help you out.

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Decide what form you want to use

poker notes

The fact that we all have mobile devices which we use regularly does give us the option to download apps or programs to help us write down these notes.

Software is also available for computers which help us to make notes on their own.

You can use either of these options or can use the good old fashioned paper and pen; it is totally up to you.

Of course the choice you make should be dependent on the speed and how well you can read the note from the writing option.

Each of the options have their own pros and cons and you need to find out which one works best for you.

Use colour codes for players

poker notes color

If you play on an online site, there is a chance you might play against a certain player again after a few games.

The best thing to do is to use colour codes to map the way they play.

They could play recklessly or bet big and you should have a colour code next to their name to find out just what kind of game they play.

This can help you understand just how to deal with their playing style in a proper manner rather than fumbling about to see how they might have played earlier.

The sharper and clearer your poker notes are the better would be your ability to play the game.

Use short forms and abbreviations

poker player notes

Poker is a pretty fast game with a lot of action going all around it.

Online poker takes that to another level and with the possibility of playing multiple tables online, keeping your poker notes alright may not be an easy task, unless you use short forms and abbreviations.

Something like a cheat code that you might have used when playing video games.

Having short forms can speed up your game and help you take quick decisions on the fly.

Especially when you are playing multiple tables, this can be a great help.

Of course you should mark the notes in such a way that does not confuse you, the result of this exercise should help you make quick decisions and help you understand the action on the various tables rather than to confuse you more and more.

Date your poker notes

poker notes

While you might take a lot of notes when playing the game; you should date them to understand which note was from when; and more importantly so that you can learn about your game; as well as that of opponents.

One thing that you should do is always take notes about your game; and if you date them you can pick up certain things; or find out certain traits about the game; that your opponents might have played.

This can help you out a lot; especially if you are playing against someone who has featured; in your notes earlier.

Just pull that note out and you would have a fairly decent idea; of what a person does thanks to the date.

You should have a pretty decent index of the dates; so that you do note spend more time searching for the notes; rather than playing the game.

Study the notes

live poker notes

Poker is a game that is constantly growing and having more and more players.

The need to study and learn not only about your games but also of your opponents.

Studying them later might give you an idea about which areas of your game you need to work on and what your opponents do in certain situations.

You do not take the notes just to keep them and use them when you are playing the game.

The better your note taking ability is the more you will learn about your game.

Notes are some of the best ways to expand your knowledge of the game and your ability.

The best way to check this out is trying the software or pen and pad approach in a slow game.

You need to check on how well the note works for you; it does not mean that you will be able to do everything at one go.

You need to take time to develop your note taking ability and that can only come through practice.

The more you play and the more you try out these notes; the better your game can be over a period of time.

Nothing is easy in the game of poker, hard work and a bit of luck can bring about a change.

Practice using these notes and your game might grow a little; but your knowledge about poker can grow a lot; and this can lead to better play on live tables when you cannot always take notes.

All that you might have learned from your notes would eventually help you in poker.

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