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Why play multitable online poker?

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Have you ever wondered why online professional poker players play multiple tables at once on a huge array of different screens?

Why they actually seem to get more wins than others?

Is there a method to the madness?

Is this some sort of strategy or are they just playing the law of averages?

What is the law of averages?

“The law of averages is the law that a particular outcome or event is inevitable or certain, simply because it is statistically possible. Depending on context or application it can be considered a valid common-sense observation or a misunderstanding of probability. This notion can lead to fallacious thinking when one becomes convinced that a particular outcome must come soon simply because it has not occurred.” – Source Wikipedia

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The law of averages

Well let’s start at the law of averages aspect.

Having multiple tables open playing them all at once should surely increase your chances of getting a good hand and help you dominate the table.

Let us say that you have 10 tables open.

You are folding every hand until you finally get lucky with a high pocket pair or ace king suited.

And then you played aggressively on that hand.

For you to get the same or better hand, you will have to wait for a while.

how the law of averages operate in online poker

Online poker sites use a RNG or “random number generator” to shuffle the cards which are just lines of code.

These lines of code can be shuffled an infinite amount of times without repeating itself.

That makes the present number completely random.

Most of these sites even have outside auditors checking the code.

This is to make sure it is truly as random as it can be without it being artificial intelligence.

So if you had a decent hand 5 hands ago do not expect that it should come around any time soon.

You will definitely have a very long wait before it runs out of randomizations to give you the same cards.

That is also factoring in how many other players there are and those other players cards and flop cards.

For instance. you may get the same pocket pair but the board will play out completely differently.

This is because your hand that won the last round won’t be as strong.

the online poker averages

This doesn’t mean that cards won’t repeat themselves and that you cannot use the somewhat limited RNG exploits.

It is just a game of patience if you are using online poker to make a living.

That is where multiple poker tables open comes into play.

Using multiple tables coupled with a decent table alert tool to bring the table with the live hand to your attention.

Using it this way, you can play as many tables as you want.

With multiple tables you can also have a shorter waiting time between turns as on one of the tables it is your turn.

This will keep you sharp and stop you from daydreaming.

With your focus exclusively on the tables you can keep your poker senses sharp and ready to decide what your next play will be.

The law of averages is not the only factor

But you cannot simply rely on the law of averages.

You need to keep in hands that might hit on the flop.

If you fold every hand until a good hand is present, then it will show the other players that you only play on good hands.

This means the players will not benefit since pots will never be big enough.

You need to feel out some hands and see what your odds are in each hand.

Doing this will increase your ability to win hands and when you do have a decent hand preflop.

That way you can go into the hand without the whole table knowing you have a strong hand.

But playing multiple tables is not as easy as you are probably thinking. This method does require mental stamina and discipline.

You have to also remember what hand you are playing and you’re playing style that you have been playing on that table up till now.

Best way is to start with two tables and when you are comfortable with that you can add an additional table and so on till you are running as many tables as you can manage.

Is Multiple tables for everybody?

This playing style is suitable for any kind of online poker or even other online gambling sites.

Of course, provided you have the skill, bankroll and of course the hardware.

Hardware can be a huge cost depending how many addition tables you want to play at once.

However, if you play just for fun or to make a couple extra bucks on the side, multi table playing might not be for you.

But if you are grinding at the tables, this is definitely for you as your winning pots are smaller but more frequent helping you to build your bank roll.

And as your bank roll grows you can play more tables and the cycle continues.

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