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Perfect Poker Play: Is There Such A Thing?

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Is there such a thing as perfect poker? Poker is one of those slightly weird games where you think you can win it easily.

When you start playing the game, you understand the nuances of the game and then more often than not, end up losing quite a few games.

Poker isn’t easy for any player, you might learn the rules and might have a few tips and tricks to help your game, but it doesn’t guarantee poker success all the time.

The more games you play and the players you meet, the more you understand that poker isn’t easy to master and that is what most people are in search of, perfecting their poker play.

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The myth or the legend?

myth legend poker

Well, there is nothing such as a perfect poker player who has the perfect game or play, you might have read about the top professionals having specific routines and stuff but that does not guarantee poker wins all the time.

  • What is a perfect poker play?
  • Has anyone ever achieved it?

Those are the questions that might be going about in your head, and the reality is that the question asked is much tougher to answer than a simple yes or no.

A perfect poker play would ensure that no matter what card you are dealt, no matter how weak it is; you can ‘win’ and by win it means, maximize your outcome at the table.

This does not mean that you will win the hand or the pot, but instead make the best use of the cards.

Let’s take an example, suppose you are handed two weak cards right at the start; the best option for some would be to fold right away but ag, in it depends on the cards.

A poker player might actually bluff his way to a win with his cards. That is an aggressive player while a passive player might toss them away; and save up for a rainy day.

That would have been a perfect play in either situation. You were not losing out as much as you would have though; although winning the hand would have been a far greater thing than folding away your cards.

The only way to maximize your returns would be to know what to do, no matter what kind of cards you are dealt with during a game of poker.

How can one perfect their poker play?


Again this can only be done through hard work and a lot of it.

Leaning situations, opponenant playing styles, card odds, hand odds and a lot of other things; you would need to have encycloan pedic knowledge of almost everything out there and that is something which is not easy to do.

The only way to get all this knowledge is by playing a lot of poker games; and learning what happens at a table.

The more time you spend at a tournament playing or just by observing; the best, the better your game becomes.

Of course, we maintain that becoming the perfect poker player is next to impossible; but that is a target for some people and the more you work. The better player you would become; which would mean a lot more wins and a lot more money coming in from various poker games.

Poker odds calculation will be one of your biggest allies in your quest to perfect your play.

Never underestimate this facet of the game as knowing the odds can make a huge difference between the outcomes of games, the more you know about the numbers and the odds provided, the better you chance of winning and dominating poker games.

This all will come in through practice and a lot of it, practice does make perfect and this is somewhat true for poker players as well.

The perfect player is actually here

perfect poker player

Well, the truth is there already is a perfect poker player in the world, a bunch of computers have been made, one computer has been made recently called the Cepheus, well this is a program which can beat almost any player in a head to head game.

This isn’t fiction, this is the reality. Computers are smarter than us because they can have a wide range of calculations; and can have a lot of information stored; which they can recall whenever they want.

This program might be the perfect player out there and hasn’t been defeated yet; but isn’t that what they said about Deep Blue, the Chess playing computer which was beaten by a human?

I am pretty sure that one of the top poker players will be able to get the better of this software sooner or later; sure it might take a few losses along the way; but that does not mean that the program is not beatable.

As I said, it takes time to get over things and learn things.

The more a person practices any art form or game they better they will become over time.

This is a rule of life and it is the rule in poker as well, do you think that everyone is born a champion poker player?

perfect poker Mathematical Skills

They might be born with great mathematical skills or logical skills but poker is much more than just maths and logic.

It is part gut feel and part luck as well, every time you play the game you feel like it is a new situation; and that you have learned something new which you can deploy later on.

Poker might not be the toughest game on paper but when you play the game in all seriousness, and then you learn that it isn’t as simple and straightforward as you expected it to be.

The game is tough. The game is hard but the game is rewarding to those who put in those long hours; practicing and perfecting their play.

We still haven’t met the perfect poker player but that does not mean that you cannot maximize your return; with the perfect poker play for every situation.

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