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Play Poker Online So You Can Quit Your Day Job

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Thanks to the millions of poker fans all around the world who play poker online, the game has seen a surge in its popularity.

This has led to more websites catering to poker fans with a variety of games to play.

There was a time, not so long ago when a player had to play the game on a live table.

Now thanks to the internet and technology, you can play poker online without leaving the comfort of your home.

Online poker is extremely popular in the world and the as more and more people start playing the game, there are more tournaments to cater to them.

This gives many the opportunity to play poker online and hopes to win a large wad of cash or a tournament in between.

Some people play poker online out for fun and later on make this their profession.

Playing online poker professionally might seem a daunting task at first, but it should be taken as a real-life job with its ups and downs.

You must remember that there are millions of people who play poker online and hope to make it big.

There are two kinds of broad players, the recreational players, who do it for fun and the serious players who want to make this their livelihood.

You might want to make online poker your preferred option for a job but here are some realities which you might face.

Are you ready to take these up and become the next grand online poker champion?

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Have a decent bankroll before deciding to go full time with the game

Poker Bankroll Management: It'S Like Running Your Own Business

You might think of heading straight online and putting your cash on games, but you should initially build a decent bankroll.

The idea behind this is to ensure that in case you have a bad day at the office, your poker playing office; it does not affect the money you have or the number of games you play.

Before deciding to play the game of poker full time, you should have an idea of how good a player you are.

You should know how much you can and cannot win and how you perform at tables.

This should give you an idea of how much of a bankroll you need, think about it this way.

You need to get the bankroll as a safety net in case an emergency occurs.

First make the bankroll, take time after work or college and play a few online games.

No one said this was going to be easy, so do the needful, slowly and steadily build a good bank and then decide to play poker online full time.

Learn where to play poker online

Learn more poker.

Learn more about poker.

There might be thousands of sites available providing money for you to win but some sites suit a player better than others.

It’s just a nuance of poker, sometimes things just click. So always decide which sites you would want to concentrate on.

What kind of online games work best for you to make the most money?

Can you play more than one table at a time?

Should you play in the higher bet games or play smaller games with less money but a higher chance of winning.

You need to make these calculations before deciding to go entirely pro.

Remember, this is your day-to-day job now, and you have to make decisions all the time.

The best thing to do is make a small analysis of what are your strong points and in what kind of games.

The more knowledge you have about yourself, the better your chances would be of making this work.

Have a plan ready for the worst to happen

time to plan

This might seem a little cynical at first but according to a lot of professionals; you should have a backup plan in case things don’t go well.

When you play the game, and your head starts bringing up scenarios where you might not win; and that can affect the finances of your home, it is best to have a plan B ready.

Many believe that having a Plan B to get some financial help from outside your poker playing hours; which will increase over time, does help as it takes a lot of pressure off you.

When you were working, you used to play poker as a relief or a Plan B at that time; now it is time for you to have a similar Plan B when you are playing poker full time.

Set goals throughout your poker career


When you were working your other job, you had specific goals or achievements which you needed to accomplish in your year.

You should have a similar idea when playing poker full time.

Slowly but surely these goals have to be set; you do not want to play the same small sites or tables over and over again, right?

So set small goals first, once you complete them think about making some more substantial goals.

Maybe you could enter a large tournament and try to make it to the cash rounds or perhaps you would want to ensure you win a certain amount of money within a set of 6 months.

Having these goals keeps you motivated while playing poker and also ensures you do not get bored too quickly.

Be prepared for the ups and downs

Be prepared.

Be prepared.

If you are thinking of making this profession your own; you must know that there are a lot of ups and downs to playing poker.

There will be a lot of good days, but there will be an equal number of bad days, and this is important for people to know.

You should not be ready to throw in the towel if things don’t go your way; remember this is just like life; take the good with the bad.

You might think that all the training and practice will pay off in one go but it won’t.

You need to grind at the game, especially at the start and that often scares a lot of people; but if you put in the hard work, you might be able to make it as an online poker champion.

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