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Are most poker books irrelevant?

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Poker Books: Poker is a game which is being picked up by many, and almost everyone has their distinct style and strategy to play.

What this means is that the best players often end up writing books to provide other players with insights and information about the game.

Topics range from ‘how to play the game?’, ‘what tells are?’ to ‘which hands are the best for you?’.

Those were just generic terms, but most of the books fall into three categories;

  • strategy guides, poker books
  • biographies
  • stories about poker

The question that keeps coming out thanks to so many poker books out there is that is most of the poker books irrelevant?

Poker by no means is a small game which can be written about in 5-10 books.

This is a complicated sport with many styles of play, strategies, the human element and the incredible factor of luck.

There are different kinds of games also ranging from Hold’em, Omaha and then Head to Heads and Sit n go tournaments.

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You do need to keep a selection of poker books

These Poker Books Are Awesome

Some books are not wrong to have

Even though there are so many books on poker, there are a few gems which every poker enthusiast should keep.

Books should be kept to learn about the game; there is no doubt that books penned by Doyle Brunson are to be cherished as it does provide you an insight of the thinking from a champion poker player.

There are so many authors writing about poker these days; but it could lead to books running out of subjects to talk about.

There are certain authors who do not follow the route of writing books about the style of play, they instead pay attention to the characters, the human elements of the poker game and how that element comes out during gameplay.

Keeping some of the best poker books helps you not only hone our skills when playing the game but it can also help you learn about poker, not as a sport or how to play the game but rather for some information about the history and beginnings of poker.

Sure it isn’t something that you can bring to the table to help you win hands but little extra information never really hurt anyone.

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There are opponents to the fact that reading books can help you win games, they feel that reading books is alright but doesn’t help in making your game better.

A lot of people believe that nothing is better than the real thing. Experience gained from playing real poker at tables or online games is something that does help a player, no matter how well or badly you do.

Players do feel that owning too many books or reading too much regarding strategy does not help a player.

After all, a person can only take in a certain amount of information, overloading information can prove to be counterproductive.

The belief is that 4-5 books should be kept to help you pick up certain traits of the game which can be relevant to your game, but anything more should be considered as reading for leisure.

A lot of the top players also have never indeed admitted to reading books, of course, this could be a bit of an ego management issue, no one wants to give away the credit for their play to a few books which have helped them.

Playing the game is a good way to learn about the game but this could and would involve making bets and wagers.

Losing a few hands can not work in your favor in this kind of strategy to learn, but again, nothing is better than playing the real thing.

The revolution of online poker

Online Poker And The Steps To Earning Your First Million

Playing poker online

The rise of online poker has made a lot of the earlier written books irrelevant though.

Books are written in the 80’s and 90’s or even earlier than that; do not hold well for the online version of the game.

Many books talk about strategy and what the opposite player might be doing when at the table.

That goes out of the window as during online poker; you do not get to interact with a player in the flesh.

Online poker also has become a faster version of the game; you do not get time to think about your move always.

Online poker has also taken out the factor of a human doing calculations on the fly.

Thanks to a range of online poker odds calculators available for use during online poker; gone are the days when a player would have to do all the calculations of the odds at the table by himself.

This has helped though, as more and more players can play poker online; at least without having to worry about calculations and numbers.

Other options

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Books are an excellent option to keep, but the fact that they are getting outdated is an issue.

There are so many forums and videos available online; now that any new discussion about poker is already possible in a few minutes on any forum or website. You are doing the same as you are reading this article on this site.

Videos have been growing steadily as alternatives; a video provides a physical viewing of a concept or strategy; better than a book as you get both visual and audio clues to help you out.

This is not possible when reading a book.

A lot of players have their channels and sites which can help you out; often it proves to be more useful than reading a book.

All in all, like almost every technological aspect of the world.

Books are being replaced by other forms of media, but they are not dying as of yet.

Sure people might consider some books on poker to be irrelevant, but that does not mean all books aren’t useful.

There are a few good books out there; you just need to search for the right one.

Books will always be relevant in the game of poker; it is just the sheer number of books which can be a problem.

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