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Best Poker Books in 2022

All books are personally read and reviewed by Jason Frakk.

During my years playing poker, I have read a ridiculously amount of poker books.

There are a lot of great books out there, but also an equal amount of trash.

So, which ones are worthy of your time and money?

Topics range from psychology, cash games, books for beginners and books for advanced poker players. Some are cheap and unknown, and some are best sellers.

For most books, you have the option to read them as an old-school paperback, download as a PDF, load it up on your Kindle as an eBook, or listen to them as an audiobook.

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Top 51 Poker Books

Last updated on Thursday, Feb 17, 2022

Small Stakes Poker Tournaments

This little gem is full of useful tips & tricks and grabs the first place.

One of the most productive poker writers is back with another top seller.

Although most of us dream of winning big tournaments like WSOP and EPT there is little chance of that happening.

Therefore Jonathan Little has written this handy book giving you the advice, knowledge, and skill of beating the small stakes poker tournaments.

Jonathan Little is an experienced professional player who in this book shares his valuable experience with the reader.

“Strategies For Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments” is beneficial for someone who wants help with winning small stake poker tournaments, like Sit N Go’s.

Jonathan gives excellent advice on how to analyze your opponent and to recognize their habits and use them against them.

The strategies are explained in simple and easy to understand language. He breaks down what to look for into categories and shares specific strategies for each category.

While this is a short book, it is packed with information that will help you to up your game.

One note of caution, the book uses poker terminology throughout it, so if you are a complete newbie, you might want to consider learning the basics before jumping into this book.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning how to win more poker tournament games.

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Excelling At No-Limit Hold’em

If you are interested in improving your game.

Learning the in-depth strategies that will give you a much deeper understanding of poker

Then, I strongly encourage you to read this book.

The variety of advice that some of the poker greats shared has allowed me to improve my game and play with a lot more confidence.

I have come to rely on this book as a trusted resource finding myself consistently referring back to it as a refresher.

In this book, you will find a variety of advice from many famous and experienced poker players such as:

Jonathan Little, who has won over $6 million in prizes playing poker and is a poker coach.

Phil Hellmuth, who has won over $16 million playing poker.

Olivier Busquet, who has over $6 million in winnings.

The authors have done a fantastic job explaining the information in a way that I found easy to understand, including important details that every no-limit hold’em player should know.

I found reading this book quite enjoyable and was able to apply the strategies that I learned quickly. This book is a must for poker players that are truly serious about improving their approach to the game.

The information is easy to read and detailed and explained by the various authors of the book. Having so many authors is a real advantage given you a wealth of knowledge from these professional players.

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Poker Workbook: Math & Preflop

James Sweeney is bringing all his experience with practicing and teaching poker into this masterpiece.

Just reading theory can take you so far – but when you actually start doing practicing exercises you will really excel as a poker player.

This book comes with a ton of exercises that will make you become a better poker player. The focus is on math and preflop.

The book is really beautiful in its layout and use of colors.

I’d recommend combining actual gameplay on an online poker site and doing an exercise or two from the book daily. As the saying goes, “Repetition is the mother of skill”. The more you practice and also use your skills with real money, the better you will become.

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Play Optimal Poker

This gem is written by the awesome Andrew Brokos. This book caters more to the intermediate player than the beginners. If you find yourself crushing the $1/$2 NLHE games but struggle with higher stake boards. Then, this book is for you.

The end goal of this book is not to teach you easy-to-follow strategies or tactics. Rather, you will end up with a deeper understanding of the game and a whole new perspective.

This is a great book, you should buy it now.

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Small Stakes Poker Cash Games

Jonathan Little has come through once again, providing the necessary information you need to win small stakes poker games.

One thing that gravitated me towards this book is the subject since you don’t often see books geared towards small stakes poker games.

The book covers everything from bet sizing to interpreting a player’s hand based on the bet and other poker strategies.

This book will help you realize the similarities between you and your opponent’s strategy and will show you how to remedy that.

I recommend this book for people who have experience playing low stakes, as I don’t feel that this book is a beginner’s guide.

It is more of a guide to help players get to that next level of poker playing and winning bigger prizes as a result.

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Every Hand Revealed

Every Hand Revealed is written by Gus Hansen, and it is a guide for getting into the mind and strategy of Gus Hansen himself.

Like Gus Hansen, the book shows you how to take calculated risks and know when to be more aggressive in strategy when it comes to bluffing, guessing, calling out large bets and more.

The book is a combination of voice recorder notes that Hansen recorded himself during tournament play.

He explains many hands he has played during tournaments and explained the math of his strategy and thought process. One thing I genuinely liked about the book is that Hansen’s mistakes are included as well.

After reading this book, you start to understand that Hansen is not this crazy poker player, but a calculated player who knows when to go for it.

I recommend this book to be for intermediate and advanced poker players who are looking for different strategies and ways to be more aggressive in their playing.

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Harrington On Hold’em Vol. 1: Strategic Play

This book by Harrington, which is the first in a series of three, can be utilized by players of all levels.

It’s a fun read and it kind of reads like a manual. It has clarity and lessons are presented in a way for readers to understand quickly.

One thing I liked about the book the most was the illustrated examples. When talking about bluffs, pot odds, steals, betting, etc., an illustrated example of a round or hand played is being presented to the reader so they can visually see what Harrington is teaching them.

Although the world of Texas Hold ‘em has changed a lot since the publishing of this book, readers can still gain valuable information and strategies to help improve their play.

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Essential Poker Math, Expanded Edition

I love playing no-limit hold’em with my pals but have never been great at figuring out the odds or the percentages as well as they could.

So I decided to educate myself after searching through what had seemed like a million books I finally found this gem.

Hardin’s simple to understand explanation of mathematics came through big time with this expanded edition. I caught on faster than I ever expected and have been able to improve my level of play winning more games.

I enjoy playing poker more than I ever had before. Being able to play according to the odds as opposed to just the hand I have been dealt with has made the game more of a mental challenge than just a game of luck.

If you want to be recognized as a formidable opponent, you can’t go wrong learning the math behind the game from this book.

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The Course

Ed Miller immediately dispels the delusion that The Course will instantly solve all your problems and make you a better player winning lots of money.

Instead, Ed draws out the path and expectations you should have during your journey to become a better poker player. The book is full of strategies that focus on your mindset and your play.

It explains how you can’t control what other players do, and you shouldn’t worry about their actions either. Doing so is a distraction, and the book shows you how to overcome this and improve your playing.

I recommend this book for mid-level to advanced players as you will need some playing experience and knowledge of some strategies to utilize the book fully.

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A Fishy Poker Tournament

This is quite a funny little poker book.

Tyler Nals takes all his experience of poker characters and strategy and puts it all together in this squirmy and entertaining book.

Tyler doesn’t take the traditional approach to write poker books. He tries to make his books fun and entertaining.

And he has succeeded with this one.

The readers will follow along in a poker tournament, all the way to the final table. Along the way, you will learn about different poker stereotypes, solve a mysterious puzzle going on behind the scenes, and learn poker strategy from the hands played throughout the tournament.

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Modern Poker Theory

This poker book is all about what is really meant by Game Theory Optimal Play (GTO).

If you are a recreational player, then this book might just take your game to the next level. Michael Acevedo does a spectacular job breaking down complicated ideas to simple actionable ideas that you can take with you to the tables.

This is overall a great read and I can highly recommend it.

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The Mental Game Of Poker

Changing, my approach to the game did not seem like it would be too difficult. That was before I read this piece from Jared Tendler.

This is, in my opinion, the best book yet for me to help me find my strengths, weaknesses, how to be aware of them and how to change them for the better

But once I started, I realized just how challenging it was to be to always on the look-out for my habitual mistakes that lead to me being one of the first players knocked out of the game.

However, I found the more I stayed with it, the easier it became, and I can honestly say that I have gotten rid of one of my habits! I am currently using the same technique to break my second worst habit.

I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about improving their game and is willing to put in the time necessary to make the information work for you.

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Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book

What would you do if you were able to get your hands on your favorite poker player’s notes?

Well, for Phil Gordon fans everywhere that question is no longer a hypothetical one.

Get full access to Phil Gordon’s personal notes, an accumulation of everything he has learned during an amazing career as a great poker player and teacher.

His dedication to the study of poker has made this book possible. Find out his tips and tricks of the trade, how to develop your playing style.

This book offers an incredible learning opportunity from one of the greatest players of all time! He explains what it takes to be successful, how to handle unexpected situations during a game, how to create a strategy, and so much more.

This information is great for new and intermediate players, you will find his writing clear, and to the point, his style is easy to understand.

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Life’s a Gamble

Poker star and legend Mike Sexton has memorialized his forty-year career sharing the highs and lows that have made him the successful man he is today.

Reading his story is fun and easy, offering an inside view of the man behind the screen both in the poker and golf world.

You will be entertained by captivating stories, both old and new that show you what it is like to be a professional poker.

And if you have a Mike Sexton fan or just a good old poker fan in your life, this book will make an excellent gift for them!

Read real stories about his experiences in Vegas, so engaging that you will not want to stop reading until you have reached the end.

Not only has Mike Sexton held nothing back, sharing the true good, bad, and ugly of the real poker world, including his missteps on the road to success.

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Decide to Play Great Poker

Annie Duke explores what it takes to be a great poker player in this book. You will learn the ins and outs of poker in a fun and easily understandable way.

The book provides the first step in becoming a better, more confident No-Limit Texas Hold Em player.

Quickly understand the intricate details that encompass the game and how to identify, study, and make the right call that will keep you in the game and build up that all-important stack of chips.

This book will help you learn and more importantly understand the rules so you can be a real contender at the table.

Just because you have the rules memorized does not mean you understand how to win.

Learn how to make the right decisions that will ensure you have the proper tools to play the game confidently and competently with this one of a kind poker strategy guide.

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Doyle Brunson’s Super System

As someone who has been a loyal fan of the great Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson for years, reading this book was extremely enjoyable.

Learning about his bold approach to the game as well as his thoughts behind them were eye-opening and pretty amazing to me.

I don’t necessarily see myself ever playing according to his advice or strategy; I am not that brave. Nonetheless, it was still fascinating to learn about his journey climbing up the ranks to become one of the most famous poker players in the world today.

His stories while immensely entertaining also shared a unique first-hand look into poker’s history that shed light on what it was/is like to be a professional player.

Recommended if you are interested in poker’s history or if you are looking to become a more daring and aggressive player, reading this book is a definite must for you.

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Check-Raising the Devil

I have never been a big fan of Mike “The Mouth” Matusow and never would have bought this book if my best friend had not recommended it.

I was surprised to learn about how turbulent his personal life was. As he spoke candidly about his mental health issues, I could not help but look at him in a much different light.

This book has shed a glaring light on the humanity of the professionals that we watch on TV and has changed how I view the game.

I would watch them and think how nice it must be to have the kind of money that they did; now I wonder what they had to go through to make it.

In my opinion, his inspirational story should be read by everyone, not just those who are interested in poker there is so much to learn from his experience and success.

Thank You, Mike!

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Purposeful Practice for Poker

Becoming good at poker is not by chance. If you just play the tables without any serious consideration or training you probably won’t get far.

However, if you want to leave the wannabe pros and actually become one then you need to incorporate purposeful practice.

Dr. Patricia Carnder has written a book that shows you how to get the most out of your poker training.

Patricia provides a proven method on how to study and practice effectively. Most of us have no clue how this is really done.

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Reading Poker Tells

This is the first book I have read about “tells” and how to identify them.

It is exciting, after all the art of reading body language has been around for years, applying its dynamics to playing poker makes perfect sense.

I must admit that I was a little skeptical, but then I figured why not try it. This information does work. I couldn’t believe how much I learned about the tells my opponents have been displaying all along.

Just by sitting back and paying more attention to the various movements that were happening all around the table I was able to apply my new knowledge and decide on my plays accordingly.

In addition to my opponents tells I also learned about my own, I won’t share what it was, but I can say that once I realized what it was, I was able to break myself free from that habit.

Thank you for a great book, Zachary Elwood.

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Real Grinders

In this book Ashton Cartwright has put together perspectives from 28 different poker players on professional poker playing, the lifestyle, and strategy.

The best thing about this book is how many perspectives you receive. You get varying views and experiences on a variety of topics, so you get a clear vision of what is going on in this fast-paced world.

The format of the book is Q&A, so you’re not jumping around from topic to topic or player to player in a messy fashion. The only downfall of this format is that some player gives answers that are short and uninformative.

However, the answers that have length and depth give great insight and advice and makes the book a worthwhile buy and read.

I recommend this book to players of all levels and lifestyles. Even if you don’t want to become a full-time poker player or live the lifestyle, it’s worth learning more about the industry you are a part of.

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Harrington on Hold ’em Vol. 2: Endgame

This book is written by Dan Harrington, 1995 World Series of Poker Champion and author of many poker books.

In this second volume of this series, Dan covers the later phases in the poker tournaments when bigger pots are at stake.

The best thing about this book is that Harrington provides the reader with a lot of hand analysis, explaining play and strategy step-by-step.

The book gives many illustrations that will help explain bluffing, steals, pre-flop, bets and more. You will also learn why and why you shouldn’t make certain plays.

Like his other books, Harrington’s writing style in this book is like a manual. Although it may not be the most entertaining, it is informative.

Harrington’s books are in general all-around great for any player seeking to improve their game. Beginners will especially benefit from the step-by-step approach of the book.

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This book is written by Johnathan Little who is a professional poker player with over many years of experience and the owner of PokerCoaching.com.

Little covers everything from position, flopping, turn and river bets, stack sizing and more. He offers advice and strategy for mid-strength and good starting hands.

He doesn’t cater to the illusion that a lousy hand could be a winning one with some good bluffing.

The formatting of the book is well structured, and his strategy presentation is very analytical. You will get a very detailed read on the thought processes when playing specific hands or positions. I recommend this book for players of all levels.

This book will teach you how to be aggressive and play smart. It’s realistic, well thought out, and the author’s format and writing style make the strategies very easy to understand and follow.

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Power Hold’em Strategy

Professional poker player, Daniel Negreanu has thoughtfully put together an extensive array of important information for poker lover’s around the world.

If you have ever wished that you knew the professionals, here is your chance to find out the secrets of the best of the best, learn their tips on how to become successful in poker, and apply their theories in your game-play to improve your skills.

This fun, informative book will have your poker buddies amazed at your skill advancement in virtually no time at all.

This in-depth book covers all areas of the game such as; limit, no-limit, pot-limit for those cash games as well as tournaments.

It covers every aspect of the game with advice from those that know it the best. If you are truly serious about learning poker or getting better at it, this is a book that you must read!

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Mastering Poker Math

If you have a few years under your belt playing poker, then you surely have realized that a lot of your success comes down to math.

Chuch Clayton has written a masterpiece on this topic. He beautifully describes various probability in different scenarios from NLHE poker situations. Not exactly aimed at beginners, you will get the most out of this book if you have some experience already.

So, if you are looking to become a poker math master and understand the math and probabilities behind the game, but this book now.

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Winning Low-Limit Hold’em

In case you didn’t know, being able to win Low-Limit Hold’em has been the standard for newbies in Texas Hold’em world.

So, if you are interested in entering the Texas Hold’em ranks, then you must first understand how to win at Low-Limit Hold’em. Lee Jones has written this book with this fact in mind.

My hold’em skills are in no way comparable to the professional’s, but after reading this book (twice), I was able to apply what I had learned and improved the length of time that I could stay in the game.

Thus, the book is a perfect read for those who don’t know anything about the game but are interested in learning. It has been updated recently, so it offers the most up-to-date information about the game today, including online, no-limit, or single-table playing.

After you read this, you will understand that poker is not a game of luck, as many thinks, but it’s a game of technique and thought that would separate the men/women from the boys/girls

If you think the game is confusing, this book will have you understanding it immediately, starting with the very basics that should know.

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Seat Open

If you want to get a feel of the real poker scene behind the World Series of Poker.

Then you are in luck because this book will tell you nine trues stories covering all from soul-crushing poker games to shady cryptocurrency investments.

This book is a quick and entertaining read. I finished it in a few hours.

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Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2

The “Godfather of Poker” has once again shared everything he knows, loves and hates about the poker world.

Whether you call him the “Texas Dolly” or “Godfather of Poker” everyone can learn from his extensive experience and thoughtful insight into the game that he helped revolutionize.

No one’s take on the game is as unique as Doyle’s and his years of experience open up a world of how he managed to become one of the best well-known poker players on the circuit.

He has openly shared his knowledge with the world and has written various books on the topic of poker and how to be successful at it.

Although among one of the oldest players, his knowledge can be invaluable to those who have experience only with playing poker online.

His views are based on the time when you needed to sit at a table to play a game.

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Poker Brat

Phil Hellmuth is known for being a bully on the tables and bragging about his skills.

And he doesn’t deny any of it. He even brags about being called the “poker brat.”

He even decided to write this book about himself, with the title “Poker Brat.”

In his book, you will follow his life journey all the way from his early life in Midwestern up until he became the man he is today. The good and the bads included.

He has a good story, and it is an exciting read. However, it is not Shakespear material, and the writing could have needed a round or two of fine-tuning.

But, in my opinion, Phil, being the famous bad-ass he is, this is almost a must-read for any poker fan.

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Master Micro Stakes Poker

Alton Hardin is one productive poker writer.

Alton has several books on my top list here. And now he is back with a new book for amateur poker players who want to crush the 6-Max No-Limit Hold’em micro stakes.

Alton is known to be a superb poker instructor. He runs the poker school MicroGrinder where he regularly published poker courses. On top of that, he also has a few classes over at Udemy.

In this book, he tries to sum up all his knowledge he acquired over the years. After reading this book, you will have become a reliable, thinking poker player.

You will be rock solid in your play and not easily shaken by bad bets or hands.

Highly recommended for struggling or new poker players. Can also be bought together with his other books to future help you excel as a poker player.

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The Theory Of Poker

David Sklansky has done it again with this amazing book.

Gain valuable information about the theories and secrets behind your favorite poker games; five-card draw, seven-card stud, hold’em, lowball draw, and finally razz.

Learn the basics of poker from the ground up, beginning with its theories. Understanding their implications, and then finally how it can affect your play either positively or negatively.

Figure out the art of deception, raising, slow-playing, how to know what position you are in, psychological play, and heads-up play. These are all necessary skills that professional players have had to develop to be successful.

Not only will you learn the basics you will also learn how to become a better player sharpening and to refine your skills every time you sit at a table or turn on your computer to play.

For those who are just entering the world of poker, this is the perfect starting point to get your feet a little wet.

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No-Limit Hold’em For Advanced Players

The game theorist Matthew Janda has written this great piece of work.

The book tenders to the more advanced poker players and are not suitable for beginners or amateur players.

Matthew explains several different and advanced concepts and sophisticated strategies that can be used against tough competition.

Topics covered include, but not limited to, Linear, Condensed, and Polarized Ranges, Raising First In As the Button, Understanding High Variance Plays, Turn Play and Overbets, Understanding Counter-Strategies, Opening Frequencies Based on Stack Depth, Playing Short in Button vs. Big Blind Situations, and Denying Your Opponents Equity While Realizing Ours.

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How To Study Poker: Vol 1

Do you read a lot of poker books, trying to become better? But, you see no real progress or improvements.

Then, this book might be the one to tip you over. Because, it’s not all about what you read, but how you do it. In this book, the author, Sky, pushes you to make a commitment. A commitment to become a better poker player. He teaches you the fundamentals on how to study and become good at the game. The concepts taught can also be applied to other areas of your life.

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This book is written by famous poker author Ian Dunross.

In the book Ian covers a total of 12 topics including, poker hand ratings, observing and reading your opponent, everyday terms, player personalities, bluffing and more.

After reading it, I had a much different view of the game. The book explained each topic step-by-step and showed me how to put the strategies into practice during my play.

For more advanced players going over the different types of hands and the hierarchy of suits may seem extremely basic, but if you are new to the game, it is highly beneficial.

The book explains each topic step-by-step and shows the reader how to put the matter into practice. It discusses different types of hands and the hierarchy of suits.

The book presents poker as a game of intellect rather than luck, which it is. The reader shouldn’t expect this book to give them the magic solution to winning all future games.

As stated in the book, patience and practice are needed. I would recommend this book to beginner and intermediate level players, as more advanced players may have prior knowledge of most, if not all of the concepts in the book.

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One of a Kind

This book is authored by Nolan Dalla and is the life story of Stu Ungar.

Stu “The Comeback Kid” Ungar is widely recognized for being the best texas hold’em player of all time. He has won many of the big poker tournaments, some even consequently.

In this book, you will follow his rise and fall, as one of the world’s greatest poker players.

Nolan does an excellent job of telling Stu’s story in a compelling and engaging writing style.

If you are interested in other peoples life, this is a must-read.

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Small Stakes Hold ’em

This book is authored by three prominent poker experts (Ed Miller, David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth) who promises that you can win big with expert play.

The techniques for small stakes games were very informative.

But for myself, the most valuable pieces of information from this book were the explanations of how to handle starting hands, how to know their strengths and weaknesses and how to play them to my advantage.

The techniques explained are robust, straightforward to understand and do work. Especially his advice on chasing the cards, an area of my play that I have recently adjusted. I am skeptical about the reality of the examples used, they seem a little too outlandish for my taste, but it takes nothing away from the validity of the points they are making.

I plan to go back to this book regularly to keep my memory sharp. Highly recommended for anyone who regularly plays small stakes hold’em, or enjoys reading about it, in my experience, the theories worked, they certainly helped my game.

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Poker’s 1%

Ed Miller has written this book for the most serious students of poker.

Reinforcing the fact that poker is more than just playing the cards you’re dealt, it’s about using your mind and paying attention to what your opponents are doing that puts you in a much better position at the table.

If you were asked the question: What is the difference between the elite professional poker players and the rest of the world?

What would your answer be?

They don’t view the game like the rest of us, they see it differently, and because of that, they have become hugely successful.

So how do they do it?

The answer can be found in this informative book. Becoming one of the top-ranked 1% in the poker world is not easy, but to have any chances of getting there, then this must-read will help you understand the differences from the elite to the run of the mill player who shows no signs of improving their skills.

So, if you want to become an elite player start reading away and learn.

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Pot-Limit Omaha Poker

If you haven’t been living under a rock the past years, you must know that Texas Hold’em has a big competitor that is growing in popularity. That competitor is Pot-Limit Omaha Poker.

Ohama offers bigger pots and more action than traditional Texas Hold’em. So, if you want to get into the action, but have no clue how to play Omaha effectively. Then this book by Jeff Hwang is for you. Read it, learn the game and then go crush those Omaha tables.

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The Mental Game Of Poker 2

This book by Jared Tendler, one of the leading mental poker game experts in the industry, is one of the most realistic poker strategy books on the market. It doesn’t advertise quick improvements or solutions.

It gives you realistic strategies with realistic results. In this book, the author presents the reader with the strategy, how to apply the strategy, and the steps needed to implement it successfully.

The author lets you know right away and throughout the book, the hours and work needed to utilize and reap rewards from the strategies in the book successfully.

I recommend this book to poker players in the intermediate to advanced levels. You will need prior playing experience and some knowledge of strategy to fully grasp the lessons presented in the book.

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So, this is not a book about learning poker. To understand we I have ranked this book as high as I have one must know more about the author, Jane Stanton Hitchcock.

This is her sixth novel and is a tribute to her passion for poker. She is an avid poker player who regularly plays in the Work Poker Tour and the WSOP.

The book is about a woman called Maud Warner and how she uses her experience and knowledge about poker to navigate in the socialite New York. One might start to wonder if Maud really is Jane, and if this is based more on true events then not.

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The Habits of Winning Poker Players

When I was new to poker I was looking for a book that started from the basics.

I came across this one from Ashton Cartwright and figured I would give it a try.

The information was presented in a way that anyone who is new to the game can easily understand, especially the glossary.

Learning the jargon that is used seemed a perfectly natural place to start my education, and I will refer to it now and then when necessary.

After I became a little more comfortable with the terminology, I continued to the seven habits necessary to win the game.

I must say that I was quite surprised, I was expecting the “winning habits” to include topics such as always fold when you are dealt this type of hand, etc., but instead I found tips on aggression, and position which I now know is valuable information when you are learning the game.

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The Myth of Poker Talent

Alex Fitzgerald shares his years of acquired knowledge and experience, a renowned poker trainer who has trained over one-thousand students, and knows what it takes to become a poker player.

This book has debunked the myth that talent is necessary to become a successful poker player.

Learn how to pinpoint the various situations that you will experience during a game, with his easy to read and understand approach to becoming a proficient poker player.

After reading this book you will have a better understanding of his one of a kind “model of poker,” know how to identify and use the poker tools available to improve your game, and why what you think about the game is most likely wrong.

If you are interested in becoming a better poker player or enjoy reading about the game, this book is worth your time.

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Playing The Player

I read this on the advice of a friend, Miller’s approach to poker is clear and easy to understand although the lessons do require work.

This was not an issue for a serious student of poker like myself; I am always willing to try anything that will improve my stats.

I started considering how I could implement changes in my game that would help me exploit my opponent’s weaknesses which I now know is an essential aspect of playing the game successfully.

I readjusted my strategy, and have been fine-tuning it here and there ever since.

My level of play is not where I want it to be yet, but I am playing better and expect that I will continue to improve.

Although it is not the most well-written book I have ever read it still helped me improve my game and my time was very well spent.

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Caro’s Book of Poker Tells

This book is written by Mike Caro who is a professional poker player, theorist, and author.

Caro shows you how to read and interpret your opponent’s body language and actions.

He will show how to tell what a player has in his hands and when he is bluffing based on eye contact, sighs, shrugs, glancing at chips, shuffling hands, and other mannerisms.

To accompany the lessons, the author provides around 170 illustrated photos so the reader may see the mannerisms in action and get a better understanding of the teachings presented.

The author will also show you how to differentiate players who are showing actual signs of bluffing and players who want to lead you on.

The book is easy to read and follow, and the photos provide great help in understanding the concepts.

This book will help players improve their bluffing strategy and get to the ranks of more advanced players.

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The Grinder’s Manual

Peter Clarke has taken it upon himself to write the ultimate poker book: The Grinder’s Manual.

The book is a massive 540 page highly theoretical textbook in Online No Limit Holdem Cash Games.

It will teach you all aspects of the game. It not a casual read, and that is not the point either.

Peter wants you to study poker, not use it as “entertainment.”

So, if you are serious about learning poker and have the time to do so properly. This book is a must for you.

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Essential Poker Math

Alton Hardin, who has been playing poker for over ten years and is the founder and creator of the MicroGrinder Poker School have written this excellent book.

This piece will teach you elementary poker math and how to use it to increase your winnings. It will cover probabilities and odds, expected value, pot equity, ratios, calls and more.

Hardin will provide you with many examples, such as exercise and scenarios, to learn, study, and practice. It even gives you some even reference charts and cheats sheets.

With the examples, charts, and tools provided by the book, learning poker math is less intimidating and more accessible to grasp.

Beginners will gain new and much-needed information, including poker terminology. Advanced players will learn a new skill that will give them an advantage in future poker games and increase their winnings.

Thus, it is a book that can be enjoyed by poker players of all levels.

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This book is written by Greg Vail and Doug Hull, both from Red Chip Poker.

They take on the task to address the tactical and mental blocks that keep Holdem players from winning at Big O and PLO8.

This book breaks down the basics of essential concepts such as how to define the “best hand,” the Safety Net Concept, the Key Card Concept, Transparency, Alternate Lines, and how to address common mistakes and misplays that Holdem players regularly make when playing Big O and PLO8.

If you already know the basics, this book can do wonders for you. They will take your understanding of the game to the next level.

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Sit ‘N Go Strategy

This book by Collin Moshman was inspired by the beginning of his career, where he started out in small stakes online betting and used his mathematical background to turn his hobby into a professional career.

This book is not the most entertaining, but it is one of the most informative and useful ones on the market.

Moshman shows you the power of aggressive playing and how to use it properly and other poker strategies you can use throughout the game.

The strategies in the book are laid out and are easy for the reader to understand and follow.

What I like most about this book is that the author gives you strategies that you can use from the early stages of the game to the later stages. I recommend this book to beginners and intermediate players.

More advanced players may not find this book so helpful, as they may already know the strategies presented in the book.

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Kill Everyone

This is one book (Lee Nelson) that should be on the shelf for every serious poker player.

Full of information that will make you a serious opponent at the table. The most valuable lesson for myself was dealing with players that are incredibly aggressive.

I have never reacted well to what I would think of as “bullies” at the table, this book has helped me figure out a great way to deal with them and still stay in the game. If you are looking to become more aggressive in your game, this will also give you the information necessary to get you where you want to be.

For tournament players that want information on when to become aggressive, how to widen your hand range, or when you should back off a little.

Great book with lots of information that will help you improve your skills, and give you more confidence.

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Molly’s Game

This book is not about learning poker. At least not how to play.

But, it will, however, teach you a lot about the high stake poker tournaments going on behind the scenes.

Molly Bloom arranged high stake poker tournaments for the very rich and famous. Including a lot of Hollywood A-listers.

Molly intriguingly tells her story. She has lived a life out of the ordinary. So, if you enjoy great life stories and also poker: this book is a gem!

I first encountered this book after watching the movie, with the same name.

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Harrington on Hold ’em Vol. 3: The Workbook

This book is written by professional player Dan Harrington, who was the 1995 World Series of Poker Champion and has over 35 years of experience.

If you have read his other books, you know that Harrington’s books provide useful strategies and are well thought out. In this book, you get less theory and more practice.

You will go through a series of hand analysis, with the object of learning as you do.

You will study hands by acting as a professional player playing against Harrington, and you will explore how and why each player makes the plays and choices that they do at every step of the game.

You study strategies such as bluffing, scare cards, lose games, endgame play and more.

I would recommend this book to players of all levels and people who learn better by doing rather than watching.

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Poker Notes

If you are like a lot of people who play poker, you probably find yourself at the losing end of the table more often than you find yourself winning.

You know that you could be successful if you could figure out where you are going wrong then you understand how frustrating this situation can be.

Tyler Nals will teach you to stop learning from “trial and error” and start learning and following the cold hard facts of the game of poker.

This book will give you the information you need to start being successful without all of the misinformation or opinions of people who play poker but are in no way at all near the status of a successful, professional player.

Clear all of that unnecessary information out of your brain and focus on the points of this book, you will see improvement in skills and start winning some of those big-money games.

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