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Poker Coaching And The Science Of The Game

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The more players start playing poker, the tougher the game begins.

You might find a lot of newbies but once they get a hang of the game, it is rather difficult to beat them.

The more they practice the better they become but at a certain point in time everyone ends up plateauing.

Your poker game stalls and no matter how many games you play or experience, you just cannot hit the next level.

This is where a lot of online poker coaching and real-life poker coaches come into play to help you out.

Now one thing we must understand is that having a poker coach on your side is not a sure shot to winning more games.

In fact, you could still be at the same win/loss percentage even but there are quite a few positives in having a coach for your poker game.

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Someone to point out your flaws

poker coach guy

This guy could be your poker coach.

A poker coach is like a coach for any other game, like for basketball or football.

It helps you to understand what your problem areas are and how you can work on them.

They analyze what is wrong with your game and provides tips.

They also create training sessions.

The one thing to remember here is that people starting off in the game of poker would be better accustomed to playing with an online coach and only the seasoned pros should hire a full-time personal coach to help them out.

Getting a poker coach is just the first step in helping you improve your game; just getting one will not help.

You would have to work in tandem with the coach to not only understand your game and then work on it to become better.

How would coaching help?

poker coaches

78% of all statistics are made up.

While many players believe that poker is a game of luck that is far from the truth.

There is a lot of strategy and calculations which goes about in the background before a decision is made about when to play a hand and when to fold.

This can only come from playing various games on either live tables or online.

Then understanding just what goes on in the head of the player and the opponents and this is where the coaching comes into play.

While you would be worried silly about the hand you have, the coach would keep a track of exactly what is happening and make notes about what has transpired at the table and how did you react to it.

An online coach would keep a massive repository of data and try to help you out in understanding how to deal with certain situations so that you do not lose out in future when similar situations arise.

Of course, this is a two-way street, the science behind all these calculations and strategies will come to naught if you do not do your work and play hard and practice, the more you play the better you do become but only if you are guided in some sort of way.

Science of the game

poker science

Some poker stats.

Experienced players will know just how to deal with the cards they have with them, the cards that are on the table and judge by the way the others behave what their odds are of winning the hand.

While certain things like reading players do require some ingenuity and skill, the rest can be done by using software and playing many games.

The more help you have the better you will become at calculations, poker coaches have a lot of training sessions and skill games to help you become better at calculating your pot odds and how to deal with the hand you have been dealt with.

Poker might have an element of luck but as the saying goes, winners make their own luck and this holds true for poker as well.

There are many calculations which go in your head when you get a set of cards and getting the right number in your head is an art and a science as well.

It is an art since you need to be cool and collected while having a ton of players all around you with so many dynamics at the table while the scientific aspect of the game with the calculations cannot be left far behind.

If you have doubts about the ability of these online coaches to help you out, look no further than the news articles about these new machines which can defeat poker players at the game.

There are many such software/machines which can calculate really fast and have beaten hum players, so there goes the argument about the game having a lot of luck and only a little amount of skill.

The scientific coach

poker robot

The robots are taking over.. poker?!

You won’t need a statistic but it is a fact that having a coach does help you out, this has been seen in almost all sports in the world and poker is no different.

The two kinds of coaches might have different methods to help you out but one thing is a given, the earlier you get a coach the better it will be for you as you will be able to make your game better.

Remember, picking up the right kind of coach is the secret to helping you become a better player and help you with the science behind the game.

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