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Poker For Dummies Review

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Poker for Dummies: There are a lot of poker books available online and in the physical format.

It is quite a problem deciding which book to pick when you need to start with.

Poker for Dummies is the book everyone should start with when they decide to play the game of poker.

The book won’t make you a professional overnight but it has a lot of tips and insights which can push you in the right direction at least.

There is a tournament going on somewhere or another as we speak.

This culminates in million dollar tournaments; which are not only held in America; but also in the international circuit.

Now before you start thinking of playing the game on a professional level, this book should help you start off with some of the basics.

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Poker for Dummies: The basics

for dummies

Are you a dummy?

This book is another one from the “for Dummies” series and even though the name states something, this book should not be taken lightly and it has something for all.

The book has concise and clear chapters that deal with a range of issues.

The book has 5 chapters and then each chapter has smaller bits. You do not have to read the book from the beginning.

If you have some idea of the game then you can pick up certain parts and read through them, you can pick and choose what you want to read and get the information you require.

Poker for Dummies: The First Part

The first chapter of this book is titled “How to play the games”, this is the meatiest part of the book and it provides new players the information on various parts of the poker scene.

It teaches players the rules about betting and basic poker rules and regulations.

There is a part of the chapter which deals with the different kinds of Poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card stud to name a few.

The final part of this chapter also has information about some rather unusual games which are played like Pineapple and Razz.

Poker for Dummies: The second part

The second part of the book is “Advanced strategy”.

This part of the book deals with bluffing in the game of poker, this is not very detailed so you will be learning a bit but it’s just the basics, not much of depth being presented here.

The other part of this section deals with the management of money, keeping records, calculating rates and other details which many books don’t cover.

This is a huge plus for most novice players and even seasoned pros.

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The third part

The third part of the book deals with tournaments.

It has a discussion about what should the strategy be when playing in tournaments but again this is very basic, just ensuring that you do not get slaughtered when you do go to play.

This would work in the very small tournaments or if you are playing with friends but probably would be a little short when you come up against the professionals.

This also contains a part about the World Series of Poker and information about online poker and video poker.

There are a few good websites and software’s stated here but that’s about it.

The fourth part

The fourth part of the book contains a huge list of various poker terminology, this is an extensive list and something that almost everyone should go through just to get an idea of what a “tell” is or what “going all in” means.

Again this book was for the novice. So if you are a professional you might know a lot of the terms already.

There is also a list of books which are recommended, these books range from strategy guides to tournament guides to help for the advanced players.

It recommends certain steps which can increase your knowledge about poker.

The last part

The final part of the book is the same as most of the for dummies books out there.

It is the “Part of tens”; this consists of many chapters which have a detailed top 10 lists.

There is a part about “Ten ways to read your opponent”; similarly there are parts in the chapter which deal with advanced strategies and how to succeed in games.

The only gripe here is that the information is basic.

The information is top notch; but trying to find out the part which you need to pick up on is tough; since many topics repeat.

The final verdict

poker for dummies

There is a PC version also.

Overall, Poker for Dummies is a book that the novice player should go for.

If you have experience and you are not new to the game; then this book will be a little too elementary for you.

The various ideas and the detailing are good; so that any player beginning his poker playing days benefits from this book.

This book has a lot of discussions and ideas which are certainly useful for the novice player; sure this book will not make you the greatest poker player in the world; but it is a start in the world of poker.

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