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Poker Games You Need To Play Before You Die

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Texas Hold’em is not the only poker games around.

There are many more variations you can try.

These poker games follow a similar concept as Texas Hold’em although some of them favor specific hands.

Nonetheless, they can be just as fun.

The following sections count down some of the best poker games you can try.

You may find them just as entertaining.

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Common Terms

Poker games follow a similar format or concept.

You have to create the best hand to win.

The best way to enjoy other poker variations is to learn the basics of poker.

Understanding common poker terms and processes should help you figure out how to play other variations easily.

Some of the basic concepts to remember include:

  • Ante – this is the minimum amount of bet you need or place to enter a game.
  • Blinds – money or chip placed on the table before the cards are dealt. There are two common types of blinds: small and big. This guarantees money is wagered for every hand. Blinds go around the players for every new deal.
  • Call – you call to tell other players you want to match the placed amount. You can call if there is a new wager.
  • Check – you check if you do not wish to raise or match the placed amount. You check to refuse.
  • Raise – you raise if you want to increase the bet placed.

Poker Games You Should Try

There are three categories of poker games: stud games, draw games, and community card games.

Stud games give you five to seven cards to deal with. You have to create the best hand from the original cards.

As for draw games, you decide if you want to trade a number of your cards for chances of improving your hand. You can trade up to three cards.

Community card games deal with hold cards. You also create the best hand from the community cards. It becomes a community card game because other players can also playoff with the cards.

Texas Hold ‘Em

texas holdem poker

Good old Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’Em is also considered the most popular type of poker today.

The game earned its way to the top through the World Series Poker.

Nearly every site you can also find will offer a variety of Texas Hold’Em. More prominent websites even offer a chance to win a seat at the event.

In Texas Hold’Em, you deal with two hole or pocket cards. Then you wait for the other five cards to be revealed.

You also play these cards like how community card games go.

There are four rounds of betting in Texas Hold’Em.

The four rounds began when you dealt with the hole cards when the initial three community cards flop or are revealed when the fourth community card is turned and once the fifth card turns or is flipped.

Players should create the best hand out of the five cards (the hole cards combined with the community).

The best hand wins.


omaha poker

Omaha is pretty fun.

The Omaha is also a variation of Texas Hold’Em.

Two to ten people can play it at a time. There are also four rounds of betting.

However, unlike in Texas Hold’Em, every player also deals with four hole cards.

The dealer also reveals the community cards immediately.

You should create your best hand from the five cards.

That is two hole cards and three common cards.

7-Card Stud

As the name implies, you deal with seven cards in a 7-card stud game.

Your cards comprise of four ups and three downs. You create the best five-card combination from the seven to take home the pot.

5-Card Draw

Similar to 7-card, you deal with five cards.

However, you can also trade up to three cards during the initial go round.

Create the best hand and you win.

High / Low Chicago

high low poker chicago

Hi-low Chicago Poker

You also play this card game either for the lowest or the highest hand.

For High Chicago, you have to get the highest spade face down to win half of the pot.

For Low Chicago, it is the opposite. You also go for the lowest spade face down.

You also share the pot with the player who gets the other best hand. If you have the winning spade and the best hand, then you take home the entire pot. The winning spade depends if you are playing high or low.

There are game providers that combine High/Low Chicago to other poker variations.

Follow the Queen

This is also a variation of the 7-card stud game.

Once the queen is flipped, a wild card will be assigned to be exposed next.

Crazy Pineapple Poker

This game is similar to Texas Hold’Em.

However, under Pineapple, players begin with three cards. You have to let go of one card following the flop.

This leaves you with only two cards in the hole. Similar to how you will end up in Texas Hold’Em.

The additional card changes the game. It adds a little twist to the final hand determining if a player created the highest value.


This is another version of the 7-card stud game.

You play for low under Razz. Either the game will be your favorite or the least favorite.

You play for an ace to five low or lowball power. Your main goal is to create the lowest five-card combination possible. You also choose from the seven cards dealt.

Under Razz, flushes and straights cannot be used against the player. The value of an ace is low.

Double Flop Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’Em also has many variations, and the double flop is one of them.

As the name implies, it also follows Hold’Em rules only this format has two flops. Players receive two hole cards. You can only create two separate hands.

One for every set of community or board cards dealt.

There are also many types of poker games around. Check out the ones listed here and you can be sure you will enjoy poker.

These games are also a learning experience.

You can also figure out which variation you can focus on to maximize winnings.

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