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How To Exploit Poker Gratis And Use It To Your Advantage

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The term Poker Gratis might scare a few people into searching their dictionaries or wondering if this is another new game.

In actual fact Gratis means free or not to pay.

Well this is one benefit of playing poker, with the sheer number of sites available to bring in players; most of them provide free games with various features to hook these players in.

Playing free games doesn’t get you the big bucks but it sure is a fun way to pass time and to learn the nuances of the game.

You would need to put in some of your money at some point or another to get to the big tournaments; however we have some tips and tricks with which you can play your way through the free (Gratis) games and make a start in your journey.

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An effective way to hone your skills

luck or skill

Since no one really loses any money out here or at least real world money, players do not take the free games seriously but would be a major folly if you do the same.

Gratis poker should be taken up as a method to hone your skills and learn where you are weak and can improve.

The fact that when you do play at the free tables, most players are bluffing real hard to win the pot, even though it may not have real world money involved, it could have a pass to some features to the site or a ticket to a tournament as the grand prize.

People bluff a lot in normal poker games so expect people to bluff their behinds away to glory.

It is recommended that bluffing or massive bluffing should be avoided when playing in these free games.

Players will call you out to see what cards you are holding since they really have nothing to lose, all you need to do is play your normal game and try to stick around for the final win.

Strategy for the online world and the real world

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One of the benefits from playing online poker is that ability to choose which table you want to join in and play the game.

Rather than being shoehorned into a certain game, you have a choice in the free games to join any table you like.

You can decide what kind of players you would like to go up against and then take up a table.

Playing for fun or playing to exhibit and nurture your skills, the reason why you join a game should depend on the kind of players who are at the table and what is it that you exactly want to do.

Maths of poker


Time and time again, this is one area where players need to develop their skills if they are to become a professional poker player.

The need to brush up on your calculation skills is extremely important as the faster you are at understanding what your odds are off winning a game, the better you will be in the long run.

A free poker game is the perfect way to garner these skills.

There is no real pressure when playing a free game and you can try out just how the calculations may work for you.

Many players prefer to play with their instinct and gut feel but to be a true poker champions, you need a mixture of both.

Gut feel and the numbers which make the game, just going with one will only take you so far.

Head clear and focus on the game

sexy poker girls

One issue that plagues a lot of poker players is bringing emotions to the table.

Granted there is a lot of money at stake during most of the real games.

But in free games you should be devoid of any emotion and use this practice set of games to learn how to play without any sort of anger or frustration creeping into your game.

Poker is a tough game which often sets you in a bad run and it is extremely hard to get out of it.

A free poker game might put you in a bad rut but that does not mean that you will go berserk and call every time you get or fold every time you get a hand.

Play it out and see what happens.

Experiment, you have nothing to lose!

poker game begins

Again with free tournaments or games, the best thing to often to is to experiment with your game style, as there is no fear of losing out on any money.

Try to find out just what might work in a certain situation or learn how you deal with aggressive players, should you be more aggressive or be passive and let them make a mistake which you can capitalize on.

Anything can be learnt during a free game but the problem more often than not is that other players see free games as a way to pass time and don’t really play it the same way as a normal poker game with real money.

Poker Gratis is a way to ensure that people come back to their site and spend some time to learn about the game.

Although it doesn’t really provide a lot of money in terms of winnings, the best part about playing these free games is that you have an actual poker platform to learn and hone your ability and skills rather than having to play it out at a table.

Remember, the better you get at any sort of poker game, the better it will be for you at the table or in online games where real money is spent.

Practice makes perfect, so do you best in online games by using the tips above and have a fun time!

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