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Poker Hand Odds To Learn To Avoid Getting Screwed At The Table

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Poker hand odds: Any poker player knows the odds of winning the game in most situations.

Poker is a game of percentages and probability and not a game of luck.

Whether you like it or not odds are the very basis of decisions you will make at the poker table.

If you aspire to be a poker player you definitely need to understand and instinctively know how to use poker hand odds to make the winning decisions.

A good poker player is really good at estimating poker hand odds. You might be using poker hand odds when you decide to draw raise a bet or call an opponent.

Probability will tell you how frequent an event will occur – odds will help you by letting you know how often an event will not occur.

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Calculating poker hand odds


The most misunderstood and misused concept by a beginner player is calculating pot odds.

Learning to calculate pot odds translates the concept of risk and reward to a numerical computation.

It is not very complicated for people with poor mathematical skills and a little bit of practice you will be able to calculate your pot odds successfully.

It is often confusing for any beginning players while calculating pot odds. The beginner often labors under the misleading concept that the money in the pot is his and can be used to compute the pot.

However, the fact of the matter is that it was his before it went into the pot and the only way he will get it back is by winning it.

This is the cardinal rule for not using the money in the pot for calculating the odds.

The second factor to be taken into account is “implied odds.” Implied odds consider the money in the pot, the bet amount and also the chances of extra bets that can be collected when you win your hand.

If you bet with someone “seven to one”, written as 7:1. It denotes that for every bet you win you will get seven times more of what you bet. So if you bet $5 and you win, you’ll be paid $35.

Greater the ratio between betting and winning, the more confident your competitor is that you will lose. So if someone offers you odds of 50:1 it means that they are totally sure that you are not going to win.

You are called as a long shot if the odds are large against you and everyone around is convinced that your chances of winning are absolutely nill.

Rely on experience & knowledge

knowledge experienceIrrespective of what poker you are playing it is impossible you will find even one or more than one card to get a winning hand.

As luck would have it, the chances of you finding the cards you require are usually and always will be one in a million.

In Draw Poker a pair of Aces and a pair of Eights would be quite good, and another Ace or Eight, the percentage of you winning would go up infinitely.

To get to that point you will need to get one of the four cards, from the remaining two Aces and two Eights the odds of which will be one out 47, so your chances of winning are 4/47.

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Chart your every move

A novice player is easy to spot in the crowd or players; because they calculate just how much rewarding a bet is. Blindly betting or not calculating the odds is far worse than just having a rough idea of whether you will get a winning hand.

You need to include the pot odds in your calculations; and to win you must retain a hand instead of improving it. Community poker games pose a lot of problems with poker odds.

A community card can turn your bad hand into a winner.

Bet Speculating

speculationDespite all the calculating poker hand odds some amount of calculative bets can also be incorporated into your game.

An occasional devil may care attitude can not only liven up the game.

An even hardcore professional poker player takes a risk; that at times might be outrageous; when logic says to fold.

But these are not just wild bets but in reality will be a calculated bet based on the pot.

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While playing online poker odds calculators are available; which give you the permutation and combinations; as well as the odds of you making the winning hand.

It shows this in correlation to the cards in your hand; and the number of players in the game at that time.

The calculator gives you with amazing accuracy the probability of you winning; with the hand you have. The software makes the decision on whether to hold, fold, or bet much more easier to make. Even professional players utilize the software for calculating the poker odds; It helps them make decisions.

Last Word

Using this is as good as having an expert by your side and helping you to make the right decisions, and it will teach you how to recognize the odds of winning at any hand.

As you become experienced, this will improve your overall playing ability. The something to remember is that a poker odds calculator is not a ‘poker bot‘ and will not play on your behalf. It is you who still have make the plays.

Here what you get is just a little extra help. It is a game of luck, psychology, and skill with a little bit of maths involved. You have to make use of bluffing, and look out for signs of weakness in the fellow players; and attempt to mislead your opponents on occasions, coupled with changes in your style.

Following poker hand odds calculator every time will rob you of the chance to change your game; risk missing important tells, and in short , ou will miss out on paying attention to the players.

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