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Poker Help: The Best 9 Mind-Blowing Tips To Up Your Game

Written by Jason Frakk. Last updated on

Every experienced poker player knows that there are few things more nerve-wracking or unpredictable than playing against a newbie. Our poker help can come in handy in such situations.

This is because they don’t know the fundamental laws of poker and can routinely make some pretty surprising and profitable mistakes.

But don’t worry, we are here to offer poker help, as new players don’t know some of this necessary poker help for playing, they’ll usually end up losing in the long run.

So here’s a quick refresher on how you can minimize your chances of making some costly errors.

1. Understand the mathematics

The first thing to remember is that poker is mostly a game that relies on mathematical probabilities that are always shifting throughout the session.

So recognizing the value of your initial starting hand selection will be critical in ensuring that you can successfully see the game through its conclusion. And from here it’s a matter of calculating pot odds, recognizing betting patterns, and making that all important decision of when to play and when to walk away.

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2. Be aware of yourself and others

But although poker relies on universal laws of mathematical probability, the reason as to why it’s become such an enduring and popular game is because of the unpredictability of the human participants.

As such it’s essential to know your state of mind when playing. Avoid playing when drunk or in a bad mood, and learn to watch your competitors as it’s only through capitalizing on opponent’s mistakes or mood swings that many games are won.

3. Get POKER Help from the greats

We might all be as massively successful as the likes of poker stars like Phil Ivey, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn something of their trailblazing gambling formulas. Anything as simple as making sure that you use consistent bets to give your opponents no clear clues as your gameplay can have some surprisingly lucrative results.

What’s critical about many of the poker greats is that they always master their own game. They never worry too much about what their competitors are doing. So stop worrying about whether your opponent has that missing ace. Just be careful to focus on your hand on a round by round basis.

4. Consider your stakes

Probably the most important thing to think about is how much money you’re willing to play with. Much as you’d budget for a night out, setting your limits for a poker session is critical. If you’re going to enjoy yourself and not make some foolish mistakes.

This means that you can start by making small bets at first. And then work your way up if the game is going well. Don’t just blowing all of your money on the very first game.

5. Plan your losses

So this might not be the most pleasing tip, but it’s essential to plan your losses. Especially if you’re in the game for the long haul. This is because even the most skilled players will know when they have a hand that has no hope of winning. Be able to walk away from this round without chasing down an unreasonable goal.

By doing this, you can not only stay in charge of the way the game is going, but you can consolidate your efforts for when that prize-winning hand inevitably turns up. And remember that we always learn so much more about losing rather than just getting lucky and winning.

6. Knowing when to bluff

This is one of the hardest poker tricks to master as any beginner in the game. Any new user will inevitably end up bluffing just about every other game. Whereas the true poker pro knows that bluffing should very rarely be used, if at all.

By focusing on making the big wins with the best hands, you’ll be able to learn so much more about the game. And if on the rare occasion you do bluff, it can have the most devastatingly effective results.

7. Keep your cards close

This poker help is kind of obvious but can quickly be forgotten. Other most advanced poker tips will come to nothing if your opponents manage to catch a quick glimpse of your cards.

It’s because of this reason why many top poker players make an effort to memorize the cards in their hand. Whereas many newcomers to the game will make this fatal error. They get carried away and let their competitors quickly see which cards they have.

8. Practice makes perfect

Like any sport or game, it’s practicing and making mistakes that are key to improving your game. This is why playing for fun, or even taking advantage of welcome bonuses on online casino sites can be handy. As they allow you to try out some new moves without costing you a penny.

9. Avoid tilt

But even if you’re finding success at LadyLucks, it’s important not to get too carried away. The concept of ‘tilt’ has been around for many years. It describes the way that poker players can sometimes let their emotions dictate their gameplay.

Thankfully, there are many poker experts like Jared Tender who can offer poker help you recognize poker tilt and take steps to avoid making those careless mistakes. And similarly, being able to quickly take advantage of a moment when a competitor is ‘steaming’ will also be one of the most surefire ways to drive home that winning hand.

So whether it’s understanding the laws of probability, governing your mood, or just getting some more practice at LadyLucks, there are plenty of simple measures you can take to improve your poker game.

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