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The 7 Poker Lessons You Deserve To Get

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Poker is not just a game; it is much more than that. Just ask any professional and they will give you a ton of stories and poker lessons about how poker has been a big influence on life.

Poker just isn’t about playing a game; it is a journey about learning.

You learn a lot about yourself and the world when playing many games of poker.

In reality, poker does teach you a lot of lessons; it could be about the game or in most cases it provides lessons which you can use in real life as well.

Here are some of the poker lessons you will get as you play more and more games.

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Lesson 1: Body posture


Confidence and the posture of your body can make a huge difference in the poker world and reality.

If you don’t know how to stack your chips and keep them strewn about all over the table that is a dead giveaway that you are a novice in the game.

Knowing how to keep your cool and sitting correctly at the table makes it so much harder for other people to read you and it shows that you know what you are doing.

Similarly, in real life as well, when you are part of a meeting, sit confidently. Rather than slouching about in your chair or being easily distracted, sit upright and notice the difference that people feel about you and how they respond to you.

Lesson 2: Temper control


Poker is a game which can be frustrating and tests your patience and temper.

One thing you do learn while playing the game is how to control your temper.

You will have rather poor days at the table or online but losing your temper only harms your ability to think clearly and make proper moves in the next game.

The same can be applied in real life as well, rather than losing your temper easily, keep cool and think about what to do next. This will not only help you win more games at the table but make a difference in your life.

Lesson 3: Discipline


One trait that you do pick up while playing the game, you need to have control and discipline when playing the game.

You need to know when to pull out of the game and not lose too much money while playing the game.

Discipline is also needed when having to work on certain techniques and not giving up when the chips are down, literally.

Know when you have to call in the game and also you should know when to speak out and do things in reality.

Discipline is something you will pick up at the table, but that would only happen if you want to win games. If you keep on playing rashly, you will never really get anywhere.

Lesson 4: The right battles


You do not have to play and bet highly in all the games you take part in.

And you need to choose which battle to fight, the better battles you pick with the odds in your favor, and the better your chances will be of winning.

You would not be losing much money and instead, be making a positive contribution from your poker games.

Don’t always think about playing your hand out for a win, think a bit, check out the situation and then make a move.

Life is pretty much the same, you cannot hit a home run every time, and sometimes you have to strike out to move on.

Lesson 5: Reading people


Poker is one of the best games to help you to read people.

You know how people have certain ‘tells’ at the table; well you can use that to your advantage when you learn how to read them correctly.

This can help you out in real life as well; knowing when people are bluffing or have been caught in a lie. You can make the best of the situation.

These poker lessons about how to read people aren’t just a one-way street.

You need to learn how to keep your emotions in check; not give away too much in the pressure of a game.

This is how you can make a real difference in dealing with people; who are the toughest of all the animals in the world.

poker lessons 6: Money Management


There is rarely a game out there like poker which teaches you how to deal with money; make the best use of it.

This game lets you be in control of your money but since you are up against so many different players. Who are with varying abilities that it is a test. If you can hold on to the money by the end of the game.

The more people play, the tougher it gets to hold onto your money; and that is the real test in life as well.

So many things are going to affect you in real life. Just how well you manage your money can make the difference between running crazily to pay bills or just being able to relax; and not worry about your bills at the end of every month.

poker lessons 7: Luck


The biggest poker lessons you will learn while playing poker is that luck is a huge part of the game. And that is true for life as well.

You might have a good hand, but you never know what the other person is holding. And more importantly, they could bluff their way out of a tight spot and win the game.

The element of luck is always there while playing the game of poker. And should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Life pretty much is the same, you could have prepared well for an exam, but for some reason, things don’t go as planned; that is life, but that is not the end of the world.

Just like in poker, the game is not only one hand but a series of hands and games; one loss does not end the game, and one mistake does not end the world.

Poker is life and life is poker, the longer you stay on your poker journey; the more you will learn and discover about life and yourself.

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