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My Poker Machine Training Schedule

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Poker machine training is not new.

Poker is a game of strategy.

You have to approach opponents carefully.

Analyze situations to ensure you can increase your win rate and take home pots.

Anyone can learn it, but it takes time and effort to be good at it.

Learning how to think carefully and make strategic decisions in poker requires training.

Lack of proper training, reasonable schedule and strategic approach will only put your money down the drain.

The best way to make sure you do not waste your money and time is to approach poker like a business.

Come up with strategies that can help you win.

The following sections will guide you on how to create a poker training program.

Take note of the steps and apply them once you understand them.

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Analyze the Big Picture

the big picture

Start your poker machine training by creating a poker training schedule.

Look at the big picture.

Map out your goals to see how you can reach them.

It is easier to figure out what you have to do if you have a better idea of what you should accomplish. Also, your goals do not have to stretch out so far.

Think simple.

What level of poker play do you want to achieve?

What type of table do you wish to be good at?

If you wish to be good at Texas Hold’Em, then you should also devote more time playing matches in this format. If you want to improve at bluffing, then you should try different tables and types of players.

Your goals will determine the activities under your training schedule. You cannot just learn everything.

Focus on a specific skill or game then work your way from there.

Analyze the big picture then narrow down your objectives.

Obtain an Accurate Evaluation of Your Present Poker Game

You have to understand your current skills and level of play to know what you should train on.

There are many ways to evaluate your current skills.

Some of these include using a database to assess your online play and also using a poker IQ test.

These methods can you give an idea of how you play with different hands and against different players.

Check your poker IQ – there are many poker IQ test sites or programs you can find online.

poker iqTaking a poker IQ test is an excellent way to obtain accurate evaluations of your current skills.

You can also break down the information into several categories. The test gives you information about reading opponents, figuring out the odds and understanding the pre-flop.

Once you learn how you do in these areas, you can also develop a program to hone your skills better.

You will understand which areas you need to improve on. Some poker IQ test sites or programs may require a monthly subscription fee. You can do the free trial first and check if the monthly fee is worth your investment.

You can test your skills against multi-table journeys, sit-n-go tourneys, full ring and even limit hold’em. To emphasize the focus of this post, the tools discussed mainly covers live cash or online cash games.

You may have to use a different approach if you want to know your stats and strategies for tournaments. Tournaments are in a different league. They require a different approach.

If possible, look for a test that provides data both for live/online cash and tournaments. You can also save a lot if you find a test providing stats for both. Testing your poker IQ is best especially after you do a reassessment.

You can also track your progress and see if your techniques worked. There is no point in continuing strategies that do not work. An IQ test and reassessment will tell you which ones to keep and which ones to stop.

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Leak Buster – every game has a leak or something you can work around

leak busterFind a useful database of poker games.

If you are more of an online poker player or poker machine player, then this tool should be incredibly helpful.

The program may be too complicated for some, but once you study it, you should start reaping the benefits.

You can sift through a multitude of poker hands and find out what tricks you can do to win more pots.

Chances are, if you are playing games online, programs like Leak Buster will have something to work around it.

The program provides information from thousands of poker players and poker machine games.

You can find the best leak sources from the site. If you are not satisfied with the program or the rates you have to pay, you can also look for similar platforms.

The goal is to find as many sources to help you gather and interpret poker stats.

Know Your Weakness and Train to Improve Them

Poker players have their strengths and weaknesses.

Your training should also be specific to your needs and goals. It should improve your strengths and also address your weakness as a poker player.

Practice often, work on your play to adapt better to game situations. Keep in mind the following:

Basic and advanced poker MACHINE training – look for sites that provided basic and advanced poker training

The great thing about poker software systems today is that you can go through different poker levels to test your skills.

Some of them are free while others require a specific fee.

You can also try the free trial. Work on the poker levels and see how you do each day or every time you train. Some programs also feature different types of players.

You can also choose from the artificially intelligent opponents to test your skills. It is like playing against a machine as well. The simulation should do you good.

Poker drills – this is similar to poker training although more casual or less strict

Go for exercises first if you do not have the time to go through all the poker machine training levels**.**

You can see which areas of your poker play you have to work on through simple drills.

Play once or twice regularly to get a good grasp of your current level.

Always reassess your skills after playing or training.

Compare your stats to your previous record to see if you need more work or should you refocus your efforts.

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