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Are You A Poker Machine?

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Poker is one of those games which keeps bringing people back for more.

The ability to win a big amount at the table or online can make a lot of us go crazy and some players go an extra mile to get a chance of making their poker dreams come true.

The fact that there are thousands of casinos and online websites which feature the chance of you winning the jackpot might get to some people.

There have been many stories of people crumbling under the pressure of playing constant poker but there are a chosen few, who see light at the end of the tunnel.

It is these brave souls who put in countless hours of hard work and win or lose, they are willing to give it their all.

They enjoy the game of poker, not because they can win a ton of cash but they love the thrill of playing the game.

Electronic machines might play hours of poker but human poker machines are seriously amazing and we salute these souls.

Do you think you are a poker machine?

If the answer to the following questions are ‘yes’, then you certainly are on the route to pokersville.

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Watching hours of poker content on various devices

poker prepare

The advent of the internet and smartphones has led us to lead a very connected life.

We are never far away from communication and most of our favorite shows are available online.

Poker is no different and with so many channels on various sites available, you might enjoy a few shows or learn some new things before you go out to play your next game.

A poker machine though would know almost everything about the shows presented online.

A pokerholic, if you may, wouldn’t just know when what show is on but exactly what has been covered over the past week on almost every popular channel.

The person may also search for unknown gems which aren’t viewed by many and the machine would be a constant search for that fillip that gets him or her going for a long time.

Countless hours on the table perfecting the game

poker babe

Poker can be played in quite a few styles and learning how to make your game better is the key to success in the tough world of poker.

A poker machine wouldn’t just want to learn and get better, but he will put in hours of work perfecting moves from the very best in the game.

Instead of watching a few moves on how to deal with tricky scenarios, this rare breed would also put in hours of practice to learn how to deal with similar moves and ensure his or her game is perfect for the future.

The machine isn’t called a machine for nothing, perfection is the most important thing for that person and until they achieve that when learning a skill set, they will continue to work hard.

Up in the wee hours playing their favorite game

anonymous poker player

Time isn’t anyone’s friend in this world and it certainly is not a friend to poker machines.

These people will be up all night playing the game they love without any knowledge about how much time they have spent on the game.

It isn’t all bad though, having something to be committed to be something we all want and need to give some balance in our life but a poker machine does go that extra distance and ensures that it is poker and poker alone for him 24×7.

Loves to play in tournaments

Poker Tournament Strategy: The Beginning, The Middle And The End Game

Isn’t this why people pick up poker in the first place?

To play in the big tournaments in hopes of making it as a champion?

A poker novice might feel the tension and nerves when playing in such a game but not a poker machine.

This is the kind of stuff that the person thrives on and lives for.

The atmosphere of playing the game, the sights, the sounds and the different people you meet.

The world of poker is an endless journey with a lot to learn from.

Poker machines don’t live for the game; they are the life of the game.

You would have seen a few people sit at tables for hours on end.

It doesn’t matter if they win or lose.

What matters for them is to have fun and that is the exact thing what a poker machine would do, enjoy the game.

They can talk on poker for hours on end and never get bored of it

Are you bored of online poker

Personally, I love to talk on about football but after a point of time even I run out of things to say but that isn’t the case for a poker machine.

This person will keep on going and talking about poker, and would never run out of things to say.

A poker machine is the kind of person who always would have something interesting to say about poker, good or bad, it doesn’t really matter to him but what he does have to say will make you stand up and listen.

Poker machines don’t always get the best treatment from people.

People might not understand the passion someone has for the game and often thinks that this is a problem if a person spends too much time on poker.

What we should remember is that people are often passionate about other things, like fixing cars, following sports or even cooking and baking.

Poker is something in that vein, something that gets people talking, gets them passionate to discuss and try out, something that keeps on teaching people.

Poker is a great game which is luck and skill in almost equal parts.

A poker machine would obviously know their limits and not push their bodies and minds to the breaking point.

That is the difference between a poker machine and an addict, sure an addict might have the same ideas as stated above but knowing your limits is the most important thing for a poker machine.

We are human after all and every human has their own restrictions, never try to push them as that can lead to a breaking point and a point of no return.

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