Top Poker Podcasts: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best in 2023

'Overview of Top Poker Podcasts'

Overview of Top Poker Podcasts

So, you fancy yourself the next Doyle Brunson or Vanessa Selbst? Or maybe you just want to stop donating to the pot every Friday night. Enter the world of poker podcasts - your golden ticket to upping your game from the comfort of... well, anywhere.

Podcasts have become the underground railroads of poker wisdom, shuttling secrets and strategies from the minds of poker gurus straight into your eager ears. They're a treasure trove for enthusiasts looking to stay updated with the latest news, tips, and, let's not forget, the juiciest of poker gossip.

They cover the whole shebang:

  • In-depth analysis of high-stakes games? Check.
  • Interviews with poker hotshots? You bet.
  • Mental game pep talks? Absolutely.
  • Bankroll management advice? Crucial, and yes.

And the diversity—oh, the diversity! There's something for every breed of poker devotee. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore grinder, you’ll find your tribe. But let’s not kid ourselves, you’re not going to absorb the prowess of Phil Ivey just by osmosis. Or are you?

Always hungry for content, I find myself scrolling through an eclectic buffet of podcasts that serve up everything from nitty-gritty hand analysis to laid-back chats about life around the felt. Each one offers a unique flavor to feed my poker soul. And yours too, right?

You know what they say about variety—it's the spice of life and the spice of a good poker strategy. One minute you're nodding along to a discussion on post-flop play, and the next, you're getting life lessons from a WSOP bracelet winner who’s been there, done that, and, yep, probably bluffed about it.

Bottom line, poker podcasts are more than just talk. They're a fun, functional companion for anyone looking to learn, laugh, and level up in the game.

Am I overhyping them? Nah, they're pretty sweet, but you’ll have to tune in yourself to join the hype train. Speaking of which, let's look at one of the heavy hitters: "Red Chip Poker Podcast".

'Red Chip Poker Podcast'

Red Chip Poker Podcast

Coming off the back of our 'Overview of Top Poker Podcasts,' let's dive into a fan favorite: the Red Chip Poker Podcast. Now, if you're anything like me, you might wonder: how can a podcast possibly substitute for the real deal at the felt? Well, with over 3.5 million downloads, it must be offering more than just chip chatter.

At the heart of this poker-lover's treat are mini-coaching sessions. And no, they're not just dealing in basics. They cover a diverse range of topics, creating a well-rounded strategy guide that would make even the most seasoned pro raise an eyebrow. The podcast includes:

  • In-depth discussions on specific hands
  • Explorations of mental strategies
  • Game theory optimizations that might even require a math degree to fully appreciate

But it's not all hard-core strategy. Ever wanted that candid coffee chat with a poker phenom? The Red Chip Poker Podcast brings in key figures from the industry for interviews. Picture this: you're sipping your morning brew alongside top players and insiders, absorbing wisdom without risking a dime.

For beginners, it's like having a poker mentor in your pocket. For the veterans among us, think of it as a continuous refresher course — because let's face it, no matter how sharp we are, we could all use a little tune-up now and then.

What makes it especially engaging (or at least what the hosts claim) is the diverse lineup of games, formats, and limits discussed. Whether you're grinding micro-stakes or diving into no-limit abysses, there’s something for you. But hey, a podcast that's a one-stop shop for all players? I'll raise you one skeptical eyebrow.

Before you sprint to your podcast app, remember, we're just setting the stage for what’s coming up next with the 'Thinking Poker Podcast.' Is it going to be more of the same? Or will it play a hand that the Red Chip can't beat? Stay tuned, and let's find out.

'Thinking Poker Podcast'

Thinking Poker Podcast

Continuing our auditory adventure, if the Red Chip Poker Podcast left you hungry for more table talk, thinking you knew all there was – think again. Cue the Thinking Poker Podcast, equipped with the kind of banter that makes you wonder: Can these guys read my mind, or do they just spend too much time shuffling cards?

Hosts Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis have indeed riffled their way into poker aficionados' hearts, balancing strategy talk with a slice of life – the poker life, that is. Their conversations are the poker equivalent of a well-balanced diet. Why just feast on strategy when you can savor the full course meal of lifestyle and news?

Strategy sessions? Check. Transformative guest perspectives? Double-check. But, it's not all straight faces and chip stacks. They discuss:

  • Real-world poker applications: How does bluffing in poker translate to your day-to-day?
  • Travel tales: Because what happens in Vegas... often ends up on a poker podcast.
  • The lifestyle gamble: Can you actually 'sleep till noon and still be the hardest worker in the room'?

I've tuned in as they hosted poker celebrities – and they've had everyone, from the stone-cold pros to the surprisingly philosophical card slingers. They weave through the intricacies of the flop as smoothly as they dissect life on the road. And let's not forget the invaluable "aha!" moments that spring from their in-depth discussions. Ever wondered how top players handle downswings? Well, I have, and so have they.

As for the life of a poker player, it's a concoction of freedom and restraint, thrill and monotony. Does that sound like a standard 9-to-5 to you? Honestly, it's more like a 24/7 grind fest with potential coffee breaks, featuring high stakes and higher stress levels.

So, before you chase the elusive shadow of poker greatness in our next part, remember – every raise, call, and fold unravels a story. And sometimes, the pot is won not by the biggest hand, but by the best tale. Now, let's shuffle up and deal with this dose of reality.

'Chasing Poker Greatness'

Chasing Poker Greatness

In the rich tapestry of poker podcasts, Chasing Poker Greatness, captained by the insightful Brad Wilson, is a gem hiding in plain sight. Just as the Thinking Poker Podcast sharpens your strategic mind, this show aims to chisel your poker soul.

Who doesn't love a good ol' rags-to-riches story, especially when the riches are won on the felt? Brad interviews legendary poker figures, and they spill the beans. I'm talking about the gritty, often untold, behind-the-scenes tales.

You'll hear about those nerve-wracking monster pots. The bad beats that might have broken lesser mortals. But let's get real—what can possibly be as satisfying as listening to someone else recount how they lost a flip for a six-figure payday, right?

Here's the delicious part:

  • The struggles that shaped the mightiest poker pros.
  • The wisdom pearls you can pocket for your next showdown.
  • The strategic blunders that made them human—because who isn't a sucker for some Schadenfreude?

Let's be honest, the road to poker greatness isn't always glitzy. It’s often paved with more folds than a laundry day at a nudist colony. But who doesn't love a tale of triumph, transformation, and...trepidation?

Have you ever wondered about the mental marathons these players run daily? The beastly bankroll management they must maintain? Take a seat. Chasing Poker Greatness offers a masterclass in both.

And between you and me, aren’t we all a bit skeptical about greatness? Can we really learn something from their highs and lows, or are we just living vicariously through their Vegas fairy tales?

Next up, we'll cruise into the world of Sessions (DGAF) Podcast. Here, the narrative takes a different turn—no spoilers, but let's just say it's less about chasing and more about the raw journey. Buckle up; it's going to be one heck of a ride.

'Sessions (DGAF) Podcast'

Sessions (DGAF) Podcast

So, you've just hitched a ride through 'Chasing Poker Greatness' and maybe caught the bug for poker glory. But what's it really like to live the grind, day in and day out? That's where 'Sessions' steps in, decked out in the weary, but realistic armor of a battle-hardened grinder. DGAF (Doesn't Give a Flip, in the politest terms) pulls back the curtain—we're talking way back—on the poker lifestyle.

Ever wondered if those glamorous poker stories are just a little polished? This podcast dishes out the unvarnished truth. DGAF is not your run-of-the-mill poker podcast host. No sir. He's been chipping away at the felt for over a decade. His tales? Well, they're as gritty as they are true.

Here's what you're in for:

  • Raw, documentary-style storytelling
  • Real-life hand breakdowns (bluffs and bad beats included)
  • The kind of guest interviews that feel like a 2am heart-to-heart
  • Insights that only a decade-plus of grinding can uncover

I mean, how many times can you listen to the same old hand analysis without yearning for a bit of the human element? DGAF delivers that in spades. Sure, strategy is cool, but have you ever heard about the time money was so tight, ramen was haute cuisine? Bet you haven't.

It's easy to envision the poker dream, but what about the darker shades of the poker grind? Can it really be sunshine and royal flushes? Spoiler: It's not.

As you brace yourself for the next turn of the card in the Smart Poker Study Podcast, take a moment to ponder: is the poker dream all it’s cracked up to be? Or could it be that DGAF's ten-year marathon through Pokerdom is a little more... relatable?

Chuckle, sigh, or even wince, you can't deny each episode of 'Sessions' is a slice of genuine poker life. And let's face it, we all love a good 'behind the scenes' peek—even if it’s through slightly jaded, poker-tinted glasses.

'Smart Poker Study Podcast'

Smart Poker Study Podcast

Now, leaving the wild tales of the Sessions (DGAF) Podcast behind us, we move on to a more structured approach to poker education. Sky Matsuhashi's Smart Poker Study Podcast—does it turn beginners into pros or does it just reinforce what we've dreaded all along, that we actually have to study to get better at poker? Yes, it's true, homework was not left behind in high school.

So what's the deal with the Smart Poker Study Podcast? Sky pretty much takes you by hand, but not too gently, mind you, through the maze of poker strategies and fundamentals. Newbies, buckle up! This podcast chisels poker concepts into your brain as if you’re preparing for the SATs but, you know, actually useful in real life.

Think of it as your personal poker tutor, one that doesn't judge your previous 'all-in on a hope and a prayer' approach. Come on, we've all been there. Here's a snapshot of what you'll learn:

  • The power of position? Check.
  • Hand selection? Big check.
  • Pot odds and counting outs like a Rain Man? Double check.

Sky is like that math teacher who insists you need to understand the concepts, not just memorize them. You want to bluff with the audacity of a seasoned con artist? Well, you gotta know when to hold ‘em first.

Do you sometimes find yourself at a table, more lost than a vegan at a BBQ festival? Sky's got an episode for that. Facing off against aggressive players who smell fear like sharks smell blood? Yup, there's a strategy session on that too.

But let's be honest, despite Sky's wisdom, will listening to him talk about range balancing really stop you from the occasional tilt-induced spew? … Probably not.

So before we turn our attention to the The Rake Podcast, where they dissect poker with more banter than a late-night talk show, remember: listening to the Smart Poker Study Podcast might not make you a card shark overnight, but it's a solid ante in the game of continuous improvement. And isn't that the ultimate bluff? To keep learning until they fear you, no matter your cards.

'The Rake Podcast'

The Rake Podcast

So you've upped your tactical game with the 'Smart Poker Study Podcast', but what about the juicier side of the felt? Well, let my ears introduce you to The Rake Podcast. Bringing together the sharp wit of Jamie Kerstetter and the unfiltered take of Marle Cordeiro, this show is like grabbing a seat at the cool kids' poker table. It's where strategy meets scandal, kind of like if TMZ and a poker textbook had a baby.

Caught up on all the strategic advice the previous podcast offered? Good, because The Rake won't coddle you with hand ranges or GTO play. Instead, you’ll dive headfirst into the deep end of:

  • Poker gossip that you know you shouldn't love, but oh, you do.
  • News that makes you go, "Did that player really do that?"
  • Events commentary that might have you rethink leaving your couch. Maybe.

Wonder how Jamie and Marle snag all the juiciest tidbits? Me too, but maybe some things are best left to the imagination - or better yet, an anonymous tipster.

Sure, The Rake Podcast is a bit like the poker world's gossip magazine. But who can resist hearing stories that make you laugh, cringe, and — let’s be honest — feel a little better about your own bad beats? Can you really claim to understand the poker world without knowing who's up, who's down, and who's throwing tantrums at the tables?

Stay tuned for more after you've got your fill of poker drama – because next up, we’re going to recalibrate those brains with the 'Poker On The Mind Podcast'. But before that, let's relish in this slightly guilty pleasure. Remember, what happens on The Rake, doesn't necessarily stay on The Rake.

'Poker On The Mind Podcast'

Poker On The Mind Podcast

Transitioning from the analysis-centric discussions on The Rake Podcast, let’s shift gears. What about the mental side of poker? This is where the Poker On The Mind Podcast slides in.

Hosted by Dr. Tricia Cardner and Gareth James, they're like the mental game coaches you never knew you needed. Who figured a PhD in psychology and an MSc in poker coaching would be the dynamic duo of the felt? They did, apparently.

Think of your poker game as a stool. Got the image? Good. Now, how many legs are we standing on if we ignore mindset? Not enough. That's the pitch of this podcast, and I have to admit, they're onto something.

So, what does this odd couple bring to the table?

  • Strategy tips? Check.
  • Mental resilience training? Double-check.
  • And let's not forget the mishmash of meditation, goal setting, and tilt control. Because why not throw that into the mix?

But seriously, can Zen really help you call a bluff? According to Dr. Cardner and Mr. James, an emphatic 'yes'. And they have the anecdotal evidence to back it up.

Admittedly, it's easy to be a tad skeptical. After all, can you truly breathe your way to a winning hand? Yet, when you consider the tales of bad beats and emotional rollercoasters, maybe a little mindfulness isn’t such a bad idea. Then again, will OM chants scare off your opponents or just confuse them? Guess there's one way to find out.

As I tune in and listen to them dissect the inner game, there are lightbulb moments. It turns out poker isn't just about the cards, the chips, or the stone-cold bluffs – it’s about the battles waged within.

As we wrap up this mental journey, let’s not forget the next stop, the 'DAT Poker Podcast'. Spoiler alert: they believe poker skills can be leveled up at the table and away from it. But that's a story for another section.

So, could Poker On The Mind Podcast be your silent partner in crime at the tables? Perhaps. Will it turn you into a poker-faced yogi? I wouldn't bet against it.

'DAT Poker Podcast'

DAT Poker Podcast

Transitioning from the mindful strategies of the Poker On The Mind Podcast, let's shuffle up and deal with the DAT Poker Podcast. Hosted by a trio of poker champs: none other than Daniel Negreanu – kid poker turned poker sage; Adam Schwartz, the voice of reason; and Terrence Chan, a bonafide mixed-game maven. But what's cooking on this podcast, you ask? It's a full house of poker goodness.

First off, poker news. These guys deliver fresher news than I get from my refrigerator. Let's face it, between Adam's insights and Daniel's Twitter feed, if something's happening in poker, these guys are on it like a bad beat on the river.

Then there's the strategic discussions. Now, you might think, "Do I really need to hear another deep dive on ICM considerations?" The answer is a resounding yes if it's coming from Daniel and Terrence. And let's not forget Adam, who ensures the conversation stays on track—usually.

Let's list the charm of their dynamic:

  • Daniel's anecdotes that veer just on the right side of TMI.
  • Adam's laugh – it's infectious, don't fight it.
  • Terrence's ability to somehow bring sanity to the table.

And it wouldn't be a poker podcast without interviews. They've chatted with pros who've seen more final tables than I've seen episodes of "The Office". But really, can anyone truly figure out what's going on in Phil Hellmuth's head? They try, folks, they really do.

Sometimes I think, should I be sceptical about the advice of a guy who bluffs for a living? But then I remember, these are the pros. They've been there, bluffed that.

So, while Just Hands Poker Podcast is waiting on deck, let's not forget the fun-filled, sometimes wonky world of the DAT Poker Podcast. It's like sitting in a game with legends—just with less risk of going home broke.

Bold predictions, sharp strategies, and just enough tomfoolery. That's DAT for you. Am I a fan? Perhaps. Will I ever admit that openly? Well, that's a harder nut to crack than a river bluff.

'Just Hands Poker Podcast'

Just Hands Poker Podcast

Transitioning from the analysis provided by the DAT Poker Podcast, let's shuffle up and deal with the Just Hands Poker Podcast. Hosted by Jackson Laskey and Zach Resnick, this show takes a dive so deep into the rabbit hole of analyzing poker hands from live games; you'd think they're mining for poker gold. Can they be any more meticulous?

Seriously, these guys pick apart hands like a master surgeon with a pair of aces. It's a treat for those who live and breathe poker strategy. They dissect every possible angle: pre-flop ranges, betting patterns, and even the minutest of tells. I’ve caught myself nodding in agreement and then, seconds later, questioning my entire poker strategy. It's a rollercoaster.

What sets them apart, you ask? Let's break it down:

  • Live Game Focus: They're all about the authenticity of the felt.
  • Deep Analysis: They don't just scratch the surface; they dig until they hit the core of each hand.
  • Variety of Games: From low stakes to nosebleeds, these guys don't discriminate.

I must admit, there were moments when I wondered if any human could possibly consider all those factors in the few seconds we get to decide our next move. Are we playing poker or launching a space shuttle, am I right?

But then, as any serious poker player knows, preparation is key. And by analyzing hand after hand with such precision, Just Hands Poker Podcast arms you with a toolkit that would make even James Bond jealous. Who needs a gadget when you've got a spot-on read, thanks to Jackson and Zach?

As we anticipate the next insight from the Ante Up Magazine Podcast, we must tip our hats to Just Hands for their relentless pursuit of poker perfection — even if it sometimes feels like we're cramming for a final exam at Poker University. Get your highlighters ready, because these sessions are nothing short of a master class.

'Ante Up Magazine Podcast'

Ante Up Magazine Podcast

Transitioning from analyzing specific hands with the Just Hands Poker Podcast, I sure thought I'd heard it all. But oh, was I wrong. Enter the scene: Ante Up Magazine Podcast. Guys, this one's like the sturdy old oak in the forest of poker shows.

Hosted by the dynamic duo Chris Cosenza and Scott Long, it's like having your poker-savvy uncles chatting you up about the game. They've been around the block—or should I say, around the felt? Since its inception, Ante Up has covered everything from the latest gossip on the circuit to brushing up your bluffing skills. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet, but for poker content.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

  • News: Who won what and where? Who's the latest player to pull off a Phil Hellmuth-style tirade?
  • Strategies: Should you really go all-in with that pair of deuces? Spoiler: probably not.
  • Lifestyle: Because who doesn't want to know about poker cruises and blinging out with bracelet wins?

And don't even get me started on the interactive segments. Ever wanted to join the conversation? Well, strap in, because Chris and Scott love some good old back and forth with their listeners. Voices from around the globe tune in, because who doesn't enjoy their opinions being broadcasted to fellow poker enthusiasts?

So, you might be wondering, do we really need another poker podcast? I'd argue yes, if only to hear Chris and Scott's takes on a bad beat that's funnier than a straight flush beating a full house.

Before you shuffle off to check out the Additional Notable Poker Podcasts, give Ante Up a listen. It just might ante up your game—or at the very least, provide a few laughs and some company on those long commutes to the casino. Who knows, you might even decide to be part of their next listener's segment. Wouldn't that be something to tell the table?

'Additional Notable Poker Podcasts'

Additional Notable Poker Podcasts

After chewing on the meaty discussions of the Ante Up Magazine Podcast, you might wonder, what's left in the smorgasbord of poker podcasts? Well, fellow card enthusiasts, let's snack on a few more treats that didn't get the main spotlight.

First up, we can't ignore On the Road With PokerListings. It’s like the reality TV show of poker podcasts—if reality TV featured less drama and more strategic flop analysis. Who doesn't want to vicariously live the nomadic poker life without, you know, the actual nomad part?

Then, there's The Fives. It's got the lowdown on all the weekly poker news that's fit to, well, cast. Let's be honest: Would you rather sift through pages of tournament results or have someone spoon-feed you the big wins? Yeah, spoon-feeding for sure.

Don't forget about Poker in the Ears - PokerStars Podcast! It's like sitting at the cool kids' table in the cafeteria. The hosts shoot the breeze about major events, conduct interviews with high rollers, and, dare I say, even tell a bad beat story or two? Unheard of!

And for more under-the-radar gold, check these out:

  • The Chip Race: Dive deep with the Irish lads. Because who can resist those accents?
  • Thinking Poker: Get your brain in gear. Mental gymnastics, anyone?
  • DAT Poker Podcast: It's Daniel Negreanu. Need I say more?

It's a veritable buffet of poker audio content! Can you handle all that acoustic card-shuffling goodness? I know, it's like trying to decide which hand to play – they all look good when you're chip leader, right? But take it from me, give these podcasts a whirl. They might just have that one tidbit that turns your next bluff from a flop to a river-rushing success. Or at least keep you entertained while stuck in traffic.