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Poker Quotes Why There’s More To Poker Than Western Philosophy

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Poker is one really tough and cruel game.

It is not the easiest game in the world and can take a toll on anyone trying to master it.

There are many t-shirts which have the saying that Life is poker and Poker is life.

This is true for most players who end up loving the game so much that it is the only way of life for them.

Poker is a game that teaches us a lot, apart from playing the game itself.

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It is a hard game which has a human element when you end up playing with the other players.

There is a bit of luck when it comes to the hands being dealt and of course the joy of winning that huge pot when everything clicks.

Somehow it is a little like life and here are some life quotes or learnings from poker which can be used in life.

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“Humans lack knowledge”

We, humans, are an inquisitive bunch and want to know more.

Poker is a game which has this air of uncertainty, you do not know who has been dealt what kind of cards.

Yet you are willing to take a risk of betting the big bucks or calling out your opponent. Poker makes humans ready for uncertainly on a poker table, and that should be taken forward in real life as well.

“To get it, you must risk it”

We all know that there are risks when playing poker.

Your entire winning could get wiped out when you try to go for that big bet. This is a lesson which we should try to use in real life as well.

Trying to risk it all for that one thing that we all want, this can lead to happiness and spiritual calm, letting go of the material things is something we cannot do so easily but playing poker and risking it big can help us learn to cope with losses and not fret about them too much.

“Believe your instincts”

You are at the table, you know you have a bad hand and you know you could lose it but you still go ahead and play it.

You probably have faced a lot of situations like this in poker but you still forge ahead. Most of the times it does work out in the end because you have a gut feeling and are willing to take it to the table.

That is something we all can do in real life as well, believe in yourself and the gut feeling you have. You would be right more often than wrong.

“Looks aren’t everything”

How many times have we played a game of poker and have had to bluff our way out of a situation?

Even a novice would know how important the art of bluffing is at the table. You have a bad hand and you still bluff your way to winning the pot, sometimes it isn’t about the cards you are dealt with but how you deal with the cards. You should look calm and composed even when it is not alright.

That is the true poker player and the person who would do well in life, bluffing is not the part we are applauding in reality, keeping you calm is something which you need to.

“The good and the bad”

You all probably have had to deal with bad cards and a bad hand at some point in time when playing a poker game.

What you do with that hand, give up? No, you play on and try to get a better hand the next time around.

Life is not easy and sometimes you are given a poor hand with life as well but you should not fret about it and try to do the best with what you have. You never know what you might end up with in the future.

“The game is long and so is life”

Poker games should be played because you want to, not because you are forced to.

Poker is a tough game, a lot like life and if you are living it because you need to, life will be full of thorns and would be boring.

You need to take the bull by the horns and try to enjoy the poker game and life.

“Don’t buy the look”

People behave differently on the poker table as well.

There are times when they bluff or tell to fox opponents and try to win that big pot.

The same applies to real life as well, you should not fall into the looks of a person, they might be just trying to fool you with their looks. Always trust your instincts about a person, you never know what that person could be.

“Life is very much like poker”

It is uncertain, it deals you with things you were not prepared to take up.

Poker throws you with challenges and hard obstacles to maneuver around and it is not the easiest thing in the world. You have to deal with people and the way they bluff out of a situation.

poker is not my lifeIn reality, playing poker prepares you for what life really is, those long games can actually teach you more about life than months of reality.

You also get an understanding of what and how to react when these situations are thrown at you.

Either on the poker table on, in reality, you can never be sure of what comes next or that is exactly what happens on the poker table and in life.

Expect the unexpected and that is when you start to enjoy life even more if you take everything very seriously you are bound to live a downtrodden and sad life. Poker is the life that is very much true for most poker players.

Even if you are not a poker player, you would learn a lot by playing a few games, the sorrows can turn to laughter and the other way around also. Life is poker or is it the other way around.

For more quotations on poker you can head over to the following site, don’t worry they are funny and are not depressing at all.

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