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How to Use Poker Statistics to Your Advantage

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Poker statistics: Playing poker can be an exciting and enjoyable thing to do.

If you have been playing for quite some time, you will probably notice people throwing terms like “AF,” “PFR” or “VP$IP” around.

Initially, they sound confusing.

Fear not.

With a little run through of the poker terms and stats, you will realize how simple and instrumental they are.

They are also accurate tools which can help you increase your chances of winning.

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poker statistics Software

poker software

Poker statistics tracking software can help you when playing online poker.

The program also monitors every single hand you deal with. It also shows you all the important information about your playing style.

The best part is that the poker statistics program also displays all data in a format best understandable to the player.

The software also monitors all types of data including the number of hands you played. It also keeps track of your win rate or the frequency of wins per hand.

Imagine all these data provided with just a few clicks. The information to help you win is also right at your fingertips.

The internet provides a good list of poker software to work with. It should be ideal to go through forums and poker information sites to check which ones are best to work with.

Learning the Statistics

poker statistic

Learning poker statistics is also as crucial as understanding the hands in a poker game.

You have to be familiar with the most widely used stats to understand how you should play.

Likewise, knowing your stats gives you the chance to improve areas of your strategy.

Important note: Poker can be as complex depending on the game and players. People attack the game in different ways.

While their strategies appear out of the ordinary about their stats, you cannot be sure of winning.

Some players may go with a style that appears sketchy on paper but works just right. Despite the sketchy nature, some people profit nicely off their strategies.

It is best to use the data you obtain to observe how your opponents will play.

Some important things to learn include:

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“VP$IP”: Voluntarily Put Money in Pot

This function monitors the frequency or percentage you placed a bet voluntarily in the pot.

It does not matter if you raise, bet or call.

So long as you put the money in the pot without being prompted to in any way, then it will be counted.

Your blinds will not be counted.

Blinds refer to the money you are required to place as a bet. The higher the number means, the more hands related to pre-flop.

Players who benefit most usually range from 13% to 26%. If your percentage falls outside of that, then you can be too loose or too tight.

Even though it appears profitable, think twice before sticking to your style of the game lying outside the percentage.

It is impossible to achieve optimal results with such.

“PFR”: Pre-Flop Raise

The PFR monitors the percentage of an instance you chose to raise before the flop.

Majority of players who win incur a raise of percentage between 8% and 22%.

Raising anything less than this gives your opponents advantage.

It is easier to read your moves if you fall below the given percentages.

For instance, if you have 6% PRF, then possible options include A-Ks – A-Js, AA-99, and A-Qo. Such tight percentage gives your opponent better leverage.

They can formulate a plan against your hand easily. On a positive note, if you raise many hands, then you usually go against better hands upon call.

This means you let up as much value before the flop. You will be predictable if you raise too little. On the other hand, you will give too much value if you raise too much.

As much as possible, keep tabs on your PFR stats. Look for a good middle ground to stretch your profits.

“WTSD”: Went to Showdown

This refers to the percentages of an instance you decide to showdown after you see the flop.

This poker stat shows you if you showdown or much with marginal or weak hands.

This also gives you an idea if you fold too much or play too tight with hands you can showdown otherwise.

Try to target around 25% to 30% for best results.

“W$SD”: Won Money at Showdown

This refers to the rate of hands you win after a showdown is revealed.

You should naturally target beyond 50%.

If your percentage is smaller, then you should watch out your showdowns with weak hands. You have too many of them.

“AF”: Aggression Factor

To compute for this, follow this formula: (Raise % + Bet %) / Call %.

This poker stat tells you how aggressive you play.

Those who win often fall between 1.5% and 4%.

If you fall below, then you are too passive. If you are beyond then you are too aggressive.

3bet: Three-bet

This refers to the rate of how often you re-raise before the flop.

Your percentage relies on the play style and game.

It should be low.

This means there should be a maximum of six players that will three-bet beyond full-ring players.

Nonetheless, you should target around 3-8%.

If your percentage if too tight then opponents can figure out your holdings easily. If your percentage is too wide, then you will be in tough spots more often and with weaker than usual hands.

BB/100: Big Bets per 100 Hands

This a well-known way to calculate your win rate.

It sums up and averages the frequency of big bets you get particularly for every 100 hands.

If you get above zero, then it is good. An average winning player will get 1-3BB/100 while an excellent.

These are just some of the poker stats you can study to increase your chances of winning.

It does not have to be an exact match.

Learn how to use the data to gain poker advantage.

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