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Poker Superstars: Are You Next In Line?

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You may have heard about Poker Superstars.

No not the name of the best poker players in the world – that would be a giveaway.

Poker Superstars was a series which ran no limit Texas hold em games and tournaments.

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The story…

poker superstarsThe first season of the games were broadcast on the Fox network and was also broadcast in Canada and in the United Kingdom as well.

There were 3 seasons of the tournament with a lot of prize money and only the best poker players invited; the buy in for the tournament was a staggering $400,000, one of the highest amounts in the history of tournament poker.

The tournament was so popular that it was aired the same day as Superbowl XXXIX, which is one of America’s most watched events.

Season 2 and season 3 of the competition was played with a smaller buy in ranging from $40,000 & $50,000 to enter the tournament.

There was also a time limit rule which if a player would go over they would be penalized with a chip being taken away from the player.

Although there were only a couple of players in the history of the game who were penalized for the rule infringement.

Now to continue the tradition of great poker players taking on each other, they even came up with the Poker Superstars game.

This game was followed by 2 sequels, Poker Superstars 2 and Poker Superstars 3.

The game has evolved from the first game and now is available only for the PC; MAC users can still try and play the old version of the game.

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What is in Poker Superstars?

poker superstars 2 gameNow the people at Funkitron have made the game available also online with a flash game called Poker Superstars 2 Web game.

The game has many features, the one which stands out the most is that you can play against the top poker players in the world.

Also, Poker Superstars 3 has a much better poker simulation and poker machine which makes the game feel as realistic as it possibly can be.

The fact that they have been able to capture the AI and playing methods of some of the top players in the world is a testament to how much effort the people at Funkitron have put in to try and make this game stand out when compared to so many poker titles available online.

You are able to put in your own photo as well to make it a bit more realistic and give you the feeling that you are playing the game.

Taking on the top poker players in the world in the comfort of your own home.

The newest features of the game are the challenges which pit you against some tough challenges which take you quite a while to complete.

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Difficulty levels

poker superstars 3 gameThere is also a Superstars mode where you are taking on the top 12 masters of the poker game; this is where the AI really shines with different AI’s for all the 12 players enlisted in the game.

The AI system boasts that it can learn itself how to play and adapt to the situation at the table so you will face a completely different game based on the current scenario, ensuring that every game feels unique and great.

The game also lets users play a level lower with 2 difficulty settings Amateur or Superstars, it is recommended to complete Amateur mode first before getting your behind handed back to you when you play on the Superstar difficulty.

There is also a tournament mode for you to try your hand at tournament poker where you can get up against all the greats of the game which it features, it makes you feel like you are part of the TV show, it is that good.

The game also provides the chance for you to learn a lot form the pros of poker, there is a game tip button while playing the game so that you can learn a lot about poker and how to play the game.

The opponents are also created to react the same way that they would in real life with them changing their expressions based on the game that is taking place.

To keep you coming back to play the game, it tracks all your winnings, top pots and hands and a whole host of other stats like pots won % and best hands, thus providing you in depth analysis of how you are doing and how you play.

Also the game has a collection of Gold Chips which you need to collect by completing the challenges.

Poker Superstars 3 is one of those games which are for the hardcore poker fan, this game is not for those players who want a fun gaming experience but this is for those players who want to take on some of the best poker players in the world.

If you can do well in this game, you never know you can turn professional and do well in the real tournament circuit, good luck!

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