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7 Amazing Poker Tables Your Friends Will Love

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Poker could be more fun and realistic when played on actual poker tables.

Poker table can significantly improve your overall poker experience.

In this article, we provide you a list of the most wicked poker tables you can try with your buddies at home or anywhere else.

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Types of Poker Tables

Before you decide to buy a poker table, you must understand that there are different types you can choose from.

You also need to figure out what is your preferred setup to give you the comfortable feel.

Here are some poker tables you can choose from:

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Oval (full-sized)

oval poker tableA full-sized table that can seat eight to ten people.

The high-end version often has thick legs, while those at the lower end come with foldable legs. Oval tables start at $100-150.

They are often a good deal if you want a solid table with decent rails and felt.

High-end tables can go over thousands of dollars and are often used for professional poker tournaments.

Unless you want something like those in live events then they are also worth checking out.

One disadvantage of oval tables is that players sitting on opposite ends may find it hard to deal cards. However, you can also purchase a table that has a dealer’s spot.

You can also position the dealer at the end of the table or you can choose players who are good at dealing and place them on opposite ends.

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Round or shorthanded

round poker table

This table can sit six to eight players.

It is shorter and also lighter compared to a full-sized table.

A roundtable is also ideal if you want something more portable but still offers full-sized features. You can also choose from an octagonal or round shape.

The table can fit in a lot of spaces.

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poker table top

Not necessarily a poker table but one you can transform into a pro-like poker table.

Most types come in a foldable style that can be easily stored anywhere.

However, since they are cheaper, some versions are unstable and flimsy.

It is best to test them out first before buying one or read through reviews if you are shopping online.

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Electronic tables

electronic poker table

These have been around for almost a decade, but are not as popular although they can also be a good option.

They are best for professional or get-together poker.

It may be difficult to store it at home especially if you have kids.

It would be better if you can figure out how you can keep it if you want it at home.

Below you can find some brands of poker tables that you might want to consider buying.

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Rush Creek Octagon Poker Table

Rush Creek Octagon Poker Table

As the name implies, it hosts up to 8 players.

It is the ideal table for your poker nights.

Made from hand-selected and kiln-dried pine logs, Rush Creek’s take reflects most of what of men want out of their poker tables.

The octagon board features built-in poker stations guaranteeing comfort for everyone.

Rush Creek ships out its entire octagon boards fully assembled. Products specs include:

  • Built-in drink and chip holders
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Reinforced joints
  • Heavy-duty counter-sunk bolts
  • The table is 48 diameter x 30 1/4 high

You can buy the poker table online.

Depending on the store, you may have to add an added $100.00 fee for heavy or bulk handling and shipping.

The item is sent out through commercial carrier curbside.

Often, Rush Creek ships the table in one box weighing 54.33 x 7.68 x 53.74, 118.02 lbs.

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Deluxe Texas Hold’em Table

The Deluxe Texas Hold’Em poker table is ideal if you are looking for a little fun or a big game.

The table fits just about any occasion.

It can host up to 8 players offering a casino-like gaming environment. The table comes with a padded armrest, built-in cup holders including a durable mahogany base.

It also comes with vinyl bumper pads including high-grade casino-style felt excellent comfort.

The tables measures 96in.L x 47in.W x 30inH. The table ships in parts. It requires full assembly.

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Black Round Game Table

If you are searching for a classic poker table then; BBO Poker Tables should also be great.

The Night Halk Gentleman’s card table for BBO can both function as a gaming table and a home decor piece.

The table also comes with an optional dining top. You can also turn it into a functional dining table in a snap.

The Night Hawk features extremely fine details it can enhance your living room or other home areas.

BBO’s gentleman’s board is a 55 roundtable with specific CNC cut chip slot for all player stations. Other specs include:

  • High-density push armrest
  • Removable playing surface
  • 4 stainless steel extra large drink holders
  • Color options: Red, Green, Blue and Black
  • Optional dining table top

The BBO Poker piece is not just functional.

It has fine woodwork setting standards for poker tables around. The claw and ball legs are both hands carved.

The CNC cut, on the other hand, has been cut precisely up to the smallest millimeter detail. BBO is best known for using a 5 plus 1 technique of 5 paint layers plus sealer gloss.

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This gives you a showroom finish like no other. The high-end paint method ensures you play on a table like the pros.

These are just some of the poker tables you can choose from.

Consider factors such as the number of players, how often do you play, area to set up and the type of hand when selecting the right table.

The right choice also depends on what you need. You also have to consider if you want to go for a felt table. While it may feel comfortable and look good, felt wears out easily.

Either you buy an additional table top or opt for another material. You should also check the additional accessories. This should also maximize your money’s worth.

Or you can also build your very own poker table.

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