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All About Poker Tells

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When playing, poker tells are a player’s behavioral signs.

There are players who are not aware that they have behavioral patterns.

For instance, a player could hold his breath when he gets poor cards, while another one could scratch his nose when he is dealt with pocket aces or any other high card.

These mistakes are committed by a poker player who is more transparent about his feelings, frustrations, and excitement.

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Learning poker tells is essential for any player who wants to come out ahead.

With a lot of play now occurring online, many players have made a mistake in thinking that the tell is no longer relevant.

Learning a player’s tells online and off can make you an incredible player no matter where you land.

The key is to know when to spot the betting patterns, and when to trust the physical tells.

You may be surprised to know that there are even physical tells available to you in online games.

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Betting patterns

betting patterns

Betting patterns are the most reliable tell of all.

This goes beyond whether or not they are betting large on a hand – don’t worry about players like this, ten to one they are beginners going for a bluff or lacking control.

The pattern that you want to notice is the overall flow of their bets.

Are they conservative?

Do they like a little flash when dropping chips?

Are they rattlers?

Do they count and recount?

Spot the pattern and the tell will come when they unconsciously break it.

Physical tells

Physical tells can be easy to spot, and misleading.

If you are playing a beginner, you can be pretty sure of what you see – a nervous hand or red face can be a sign of the stress of a bad hand.

If you are playing someone experienced, don’t go for the easy.

Most experienced players have learned the common tells and either is so controlled they give nothing away, or highly skilled they can manipulate the tell to mislead you.

Instead, look to their set up for your clue. Watch how they handle chips, movement styles and so on to see the overall nature of their play.

Are Poker Tells Accurate?

human tells pokerPoker tells are not entirely accurate, but they give you additional information enough to help you in confirming a lot of things.

You can identify how your opponents make use of checkboxes, and from there, you could start drawing conclusions about the hand strength of your opponent and the way he plays as a result.

If you have the suspicion that your opponent is on a draw, it is a good idea to push him out by always betting or raising the pot because to the opponent; it would be too expensive to continue calling minimum bets or draw without free cards.

Immediately you sit down at the table, poker tells starts, though not 100% accurate.

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As subtle as it could be, eye movements could as well be one of the strong poker tells you should be aware of.

For instance, if your opponent glances momentarily at your chip stack, it means he is calculating the amount he can wager to avoid the fold and get the call.

Also, you could get some ideas from the way each opponent stacks his chips, as most times, the tight players are the ones who keep their chips in ordered and neat stacks.

In addition to not likely to place large bets or re-raise, these are players who usually do not bluff, while loose players are the ones who generally keep their chips in unorganized stacks.

These players are more likely to bluff, raise, re-raise and with a bad hand stay in the game.

Spotting the tell in online play

poker tells boobsOnline play means you don’t have the luxury of being able to hear and see a player to spot the physical tells, but you don’t need to.

The more powerful tell will always be the betting pattern. With online play, that can be even easier to spot.

You also want to note the speed of play, be mindful of connection speed but look for patterns there.

If there is any chat available and used, watch for sentence structure, vocabulary and spelling.

Another great clue about a player’s online betting style is going to lie in their presence and avatar.

Follow up on them, read anything they have posted and you will begin to get a feel for their approach.

Overcoming your own

poker tellsDon’t just learn your opponent’s tells, learn your own.

Set up a couple of friendly games and train a video camera on you. Review the tape later.

Another good idea is to ask for feedback from friendly players about your tells.

Try to learn to control them by training yourself to become aware of them.

Once you have an awareness of what you are doing, you can begin to master self-control, and even develop the ability to send out the messages you want to be read by the opponent’s studying you.

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