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Poker Terminology You Need To Know Before People Mistake You for a Rocket Scientist

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Poker is a game that features a range of different Poker Terminology which everyone should know when they play the games.

It is a prequisite for players to know certain Poker Terminology before they get into the big games.

Not knowing Poker Terminology can also end up being quite embarrassing for a few, remember how hard it was when you first started to follow football or basketball?

Not knowing the Poker Terminology when playing at a table or online especially can also lead to some questionable decisions.

To help you out we list out some of the Poker Terminology you will also come across when playing the game.

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Poker Terminology: All-in

The act of putting in all your chips when making the final call. More often than not it is also the final act of a player or a desperation move to try and win big.


A small contribution made by each player to make the pot for the initial game, this is also an amount bet by every player.

Big Blind

There are two blinds normally used in a hold’em game, this is the larger of the two blinds and is often a first round bet as well.


A card from the board which will not also affect the hand in any sort or manner.


The initial chips which are put into the pot.


The act of lying in the game, this can also be a range of things you can do in the game.


This act is to discard the top card from the community cards. Mostly done to ensure that no one knows what the first card is or also if someone has an advantage of knowing the first card.


This is a disk, often white in colour which also represents who the dealer is in the game.

Calling Station

A player who is passive or weak and also doesn’t really do much at the table apart from calling.


This has two meanings, it could mean another word for chip or to not bet and having an option to raise or call later.


The ability to beat a hand, more often a better hand than you are having, this means you have cracked a hand.


A player who isn’t playing really well and is also making a lot of mistakes or taking some poor decisions at the poker table.

Draw Dead

Making a hand or trying to make a hand even when you are not going to make or win the pot due to another player having a better hand.

Family Pot

A kind of pot in which almost every player calls before the flop.


A term used to define a hand or set of cards which are also statistically favourites to win the game.


The initial three cards which are dealt out and are put out all face up together for the other players to see.


A hand that may not be played for one reason or another. A player might have a hand which is foul due to some reason and cannot then take part in that pot.


The act of giving up the hand or cards and ‘folding’. This also means the person folding will not take any further part and cannot win the hand.

Heads Up

A pot which is being played only by two players.


A card which is not paired but is used to determine who has the better cards. For example if two people have AQ and AK, then the next card being K will also give the player with AK the kicker for the better hand.


Any card that can help you win the hand.


A pair of cards which are also of a greater valuation than the flop.


A pair of cards which are only two apart in rank.


The ability to beat another player.


The act of calling a bet after one player has already done the same.


The cards which only you can see, these are also unique cards which you are provided with during a game.


Having four cards of the same kind in a hand.

Ring Game

A regular game of poker and not a tournament which most people end up playing.


The action to increase the bet being played in the game.


A card’s numerical value when playing the game.


The final community card put out which is face up. This is also called ‘fifth street’ by a lot of gamers.


A player who doesn’t take too many risks and plays very tight.

Slow Play

Playing a strong hand really slowly to keep other players in the game.


A small amount of money the dealer gets after a person wins a pot.


To play in a reckless manner; a player is ‘on tilt’ when he is making too many reckless calls or bets during a game.


Something or some clue by a player with a strong hand. More often than not a tell is also a physical movement.


A term used to define three of a kind.


The community cards are many in number and this is the fourth one.

There are many other terms that are used in the game of poker.

The more you do play the better you will get at the game and will learn about the game as well.

Poker is an ever evolving game and more and more new terms are cropping up as the days go by.

So also learn these terms over the course of your poker career. Don’t be a ‘donkey’ ever again.

You should also practice though as the more games you play, the better you will get.

The game of poker is one of those few games in the world which teaches you every game you play and try out.

Remember to enjoy the game!

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