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These poker terms are a must to know about

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Poker is a game which is being played by more and more people from all across the world.

Yet, there are many terms that players should know about before they think they can make it into the big leagues.

Poker, like any other game or sport, has a lot of jargons which once learned can make a difference when playing the game.

Be it online poker or the live form of poker (which is played at a table with other humans), these terms should be known to everyone.

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Here are some common poker terms you should know about

Ante: This is a small amount that players bet before a hand is dealt, it is similar to a blind but all the players have to set aside a sum. This helps provide the pot some value before the start of the game.

All-in: Often used as a tactic to scare players off, this is done when a player puts all his chips into the pot.

Bankroll: A sum of money which has been allocated to be used only for poker.

Blind: This is a generic term for any blind, if a player is blind then he or she is sitting left of the dealer button.

Bubble: A term used in tournament poker, this refers to the player who missed out on the paying positions. For example, if there are 100 players and the top 25 get paid, the player in the 26th position is known as the bubble.

Buy-in: Usually an amount that is paid to enter into tournament games.

Cash Game: A game being played on a real live table where a player can buy chips at any time.

Community cards: These are the cards which are provided or dealt face up, these cards can be used by all the players to make a hand with.

Fish: A term given to a player who is rather poor and loses often.

Flop: The name given to the first 3 cards used in Omaha and Hold’em poker.

Fold: The act of giving up the hand that you already have, thus losing all the money bet so far. Done in those circumstances when you know you cannot deal with the other hands/players for this round.

Full-house: A hand of cards which contain a pair and three of one kind, for example, 3 aces and a pair of kings.

Full ring: A game which consists of 9 or 10 players.

Hand: The five cards which are given to a player which consist of community and pocket cards.

Heads-up: A term given to the game when played between just two players. This term is also used to describe the final of a tournament game when only two players are left and they play against each other.

Hold’em: The short form of the poker game style Texas Hold’em Poker.

Limping/limp: A term for calling or the call which is before a flop.

Muck: All the cards which get discarded in a hand, a player folding throws his cards into the muck.

Nuts: The best possible hand at a point of a poker game.

Off-suit: Holding a set of cards which are of different suits.

Omaha: A style of game where you are provided 4 cards and you need to create the best hand using 2 cards and 3 cards from the board.

Pair: Two cards which are of the same rank.

Pocket cards: The cards which you use in the game but do not form part of the community cards. This differs from game to game depending on what you are playing.

Pot-odds: This is an investment you would have to make to the size of the pot, basically the bigger the odds are the better it is for you.

Pot-limit: A style of poker where any betting and raises done in the game is limited to the current size of the pot.

Rake: The amount of money the house takes in after a hand of poker.

Ring game: This is a normal game of poker where money is bet at each hand which is played.

River: The last or the fifth community card in a game of poker.

Royal flush: The best hand which can be made in a game of poker, this consist of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of the same suit.

Satellite: This is a term used to describe a small tournament, winning which you could win an invitation to a larger tournament.

Shark: A very good poker player, someone who wins a lot of games.

Sit and go: Also called ‘SnG’ style of poker, this is usually made of only a single table which must be filled before the game starts.

Short stack: Having fewer chips than the rest of the players in a tournament game of poker.

Showdown: The final action of a poker game, usually at this point all the players at the table must turnover and display their cards in order.

Split-pot: A term used to describe the fact when a pot is shared between two or more players after a showdown.

Stack: The number of chips a player has in front of him which he can use during a poker game.

Tell: A physical movement or some kind of gesture made by a player which is done unconsciously and can provide details of the hand that the player has. This is often exploited and used by poker players against novices.

Tilt: Losing a lot of hands purely due to bad luck, playing the game without any focus or rational.

There are a lot more poker terms which are used in various games and reading up constant on poker articles can provide more knowledge about the other terms.

What are your favorite poker terms? Let us know in the comment section below.

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