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Poker Tilt: What To Do When Lady Luck Snubs You

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Poker Tilt: Poker might be a game of skill, but it also depends a little bit on the factor called luck.

Like almost every single facet of life, poker also has an element of luck and sometimes when you are deep into a game you get a bad break.

These bad breaks don’t last that long, but it is possible that you keep on getting the worst hands or even decide to fold when you thought the opponent has a strong hand but ends up having a hand which is weaker than yours.

These bad bits of luck are pretty common for people.

There are certain things that you can do to ensure you have a better chance of winning hands or at least having a better time at the table.

Becoming angry or frustrated can only make your game worse at the table since you need to be calm and calculated when making decisions.

Here we have some of the things you can do to ensure you stay cool and enjoy your games of poker or even help turn the bad luck against you and turn you into a better player.

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poker tilt: Care about your game not about the result

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If you play your games just thinking about the money or the win, then you will never enjoy your games and blame luck all the time.

Poker shouldn’t be results oriented, but you should see how you play your game and how your game develops over the games.

You should not compare your result with bad luck but rather how you played with the cards you were provided.

The cards you are dealt is random and cannot be changed by you, what you can do is make the best of the situation and try to get something out of the game.

If not the win or the money at least a learning and process understanding of how you can make your game better.

In short, pay attention to the development of your play and not the wins when playing poker.

It’s because of bad poker tilt there are many new players

bad beat poker

Think about it this way, if the best poker players kept on winning and did not have to deal with bad poker tilt, then you would never get new players into the scene.

Most online games give newbies a chance to try out the game of poker, and if they knew they would lose as soon as they played, they would never come.

Bad beats are almost similar to a great equalizer in the world of poker, a handicap like in golf.

As long as bad poker tilt are there, you also have the chance of winning against someone who is a better poker player than you but him having a bad hand might just give you the chance to win.

Remember, you getting a bad set of cards or going on a streak where you cannot seem to win does not mean that other players aren’t dealing with the poker tilt.

Bad beats bring other players into the world of poker and that allows moderate level players the chance to win games more than they could if only the best poker players ended up playing the poker tilt.

Not tilting is a test of resolve more than anything

poker tilting

Playing poker continuously might get you a lot of wins, but it can also bring bad beats as stated earlier.

Instead of blaming factors and then playing the game in a tilted manner; where you get frustrated and randomly play the game; think about this as an opportunity.

Of course, you might not be winning a crazy amount of cash; and would be losing a few games, but bad luck can help you grow.

The more you play with a clear mind and a clean slate; the better your decision making will be and the more you will learn about your game.

Instead of focusing on the fact that you are not getting the right cards and you toss them away; or play like a maniac without a plan; try to make your frame of mind stronger.

Think of a bad set of hands as a test for your poker skills; what can you do to make the best out of the situation.

We, humans, have this survival instinct, similar to most animals, why not use it?

You might not win the hand, but you can give the other players a real tough time.

Tilting and playing will never help anyone at all; any tough situation might not have a golden lining to it, but it does teach you a lot, and that is half the battle won when playing poker.

Take a break

take a break

This might seem to be a natural thing to do, but most players do not take a break when they play poker.

Instead of spending hours at the table or in front of your computer or mobile.

This might be just one reason; as to why you are playing the game in a tilted manner.

Everyone has a point where they need to cut back and relax, and that case is true even in the game of poker.

So when you are having a bad day at the game take a break and relax.

This will help you take stock of all that you have done, and maybe a break away from poker can clear your thoughts and then; hit the game again.

Poker might be one of those games where skill and luck are equally important; you might be hoping that things always go your way, but in reality, it does not happen.

You need to keep your cool when playing poker, and that is important if you want to win a few games.

Playing poker in a tilted manner does not make it any better for you or your finances.

So just try out the steps stated above and maybe you can break out form the lousy streak, and get back to winning ways.

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