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Poker Tips You Need To Remember Else You Die (Or Go Broke)

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The best poker players have their own set of tips that they follow.

After all, they are playing against some really good players out there.

To keep them from losing out the big bucks and continue winning they cultivate habits.

These are some rules you should follow to not only cultivate a great poker strategy but to grow into a winning habit.

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1. Bankroll management

Always, always play within your bankroll.

No matter how tempting it gets, you should play within the amount that you have already thought about spending.

Play within the bankroll but never play beyond it or you could end up losing all your money in one go.

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2. Read

There is nothing like reading up on the great books written by the stars of Poker.

There are a lot of books available to help you deal with all the subjects related to poker.

An extensive library is something you should try to achieve as you would get information about strategy, methods of calling tells and other helpful hints.

They are scattered all over the internet as well.

So read and apply.

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3. Avoid distractions

This is one of the golden rules to remember when playing poker.

Try and limit as many distractions around you when you are playing poker, whether it is live poker or online poker.

The more distractions you have the more mistakes you are likely to make.

Poker is a serious game and should be played in all seriousness.

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4. Don’t play it because you are bored

As poker is a serious game, it should not be played when you are bored with something.

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make, they try to make poker as an outlet for their boredom.

This game can make you lose money so if you are bored, try and do something else as you would be more prone to making mistakes and stupid moves just to get some excitement.

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5. Human requirements

Although the online poker world keeps the game alive and running 24/7, your human body cannot do that.

There are a lot of requirements for the human body so don’t play poker if you are tired, hungry, exhausted or uncomfortable.

The body needs to be well rested so that you can make those decisions to help you win the money.

So being tired or hungry when trying to play the game would only make you lose more money and also put a strain on your body.

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6. Patience is key

Poker is a game that you need to play with patience.

You need to spend time and to try and get the money and winnings you want, those won’t come in a jiffy.

You need to spend time at the tablet to get those winnings.

Remember it is easy to lose all the money fast but to get money under your belt, you need to spend time at the poker game.

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7. Take breaks

Though most tournaments won’t allow you to take breaks between games, it is a requirement to keep your mind fresh from all the calculations that you do.

Try to take mini breaks away from the game in between so that you keep yourself energized when playing the game.

8. Use HUD’s for online poker

This might be a bit of a cheat but you can use software to play and track your opponents whom you play online.

There are programs like Poker tracker among others which help you track what the competition is doing in real time.

9. Choose a reputed poker site

There are hundreds of poker sites online it may be tempting to go for the newest one thinking you could win easily over there.

The safest options is to try the reputed and large companies like Betfair or Titan Poker, just to name a few.

Your deposit is safe over there and they have thousands of players you can play against. Plus they often have great promotions to help you play. So choose safely.

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10. Practice

This may seem like a no brainer but there literally is nothing better than practice.

The more you practice the game the better you will become and try to play against real life opponents and online opponents as well.

The online form of the game and the real table form of the game are played differently so practice both the kinds to do well.

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11. Rakeback

Most poker rooms take a little bit of the amount out from the pot every time you play a hand, this is called a rake.

It is a possibility to get some of this cash back into your account.

Do check out poker sites which allow for this feature called as a rake back, depending on how well you play, you could end up getting a lot of extra income from playing the online game

So there you have it.

The best tips to ensure that you create a winning habit and do not end up losing all the cash that you have put up while playing.

Remember not to become addicted to this game, play it with seriousness but don’t try to constantly win the amount you have bet, poker is still a tough game and you could end up losing a lot more than the amount you bet.

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