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Poker Tour: Are You In For The Long Haul?

Written by Jason Frakk. Last updated on

A poker tour is an entirely different case when compared to a one-off game.

You need to prepare a lot to take part in a poker tour tournament, let alone if you think of winning it.

A poker tour tournament is not going to strain your body like a couple of hockey or football games, but they do need you to be in decent shape.

A poker tour tournament still is taxing on the mind and body, everyone who has taken part in it can vouch for that.

And a poker tour tournament can last for a few hours and there can be multiple games going on at the same time.

It is a requirement for anyone thinking of taking part in a poker tour tournament to prepare well before going into the long battle that waits.

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Which poker tour tournament to choose?

poker tournaments

One of many poker tours.

Before you even think about going to a tournament and having a go, you need to know which kind of poker will be played at the event.

There are different kinds of poker from Omaha to Texas Hold’em; knowledge of the rules and regulations can help you prepare for the games.

The next thing you should know about is the rule of eligibility for the tournament.

– Do they have a dress code?

– Do you have to register online or at the venue?

– What can or can’t you carry to the venue?

There is no point carrying a lot of water bottles and then having the security team not allow it inside.

Another thing to check out is the number of games/tables which will be played.

It is important to know when the game goes into the final stage and what will the rule changes be?

Can you carry the chips you have won in the next round or do you start from scratch in every round?

Always keep a check on which position in the game will allow you a cash prize.

After all, you are going there to win some cash hopefully**.**

The preparation

poker prepare

This happy fella is prepared for WTP.

It will be a battle out there and you will have to take on many opponents.

It is a good idea to be in decent physical shape, remember a good body is something that is needed to do well in such tournaments.

We are not talking about Pismo beach bodies but just a bit of exercise in the lead up to the event; will help you stay on top of your game.

Mentally also, you need to be prepared.

The game will have many opponents and it would be best if you do a little reading about the tournament and the style of game.

Work out what you would like to do in certain situations and how you could jiggle out of a tough spot; should you fall into one.

Funnily enough, the most important thing to do before you go to any poker tournament is to get a good sleep the previous night.

Coming fresh into the tournament is well worth it rather than spending hours the last night fretting and preparing for the tournament.

The last night before the tournament should be spent on relaxing and just not thinking about the poker tournament.

A well-rested mind and body will be of great help when you go and try your luck out at a poker tournament, that could be the best weapon in your arsenal.

The venue

poker venue

One of the best poker venues – Planet Hollywood.

Heading up into the venue, that would be the main day of your tournament journey.

You would find various kinds of people all decked up and prepared to win a few bucks, but you should spend some time and scope out the environment.

Reach the place a little early and get to know the place, it is always better to reach a venue before the scheduled time for registration as it helps you acclimatize to the place.

Do a bit of exploration; find out how many tables have been set up, what are the rooms like?

This might not help you win but it will help you relax a bit.

This is before the game starts and when you have to make quick-fire decisions.

The game begins

poker game begins

Let’s get ready to rumble!

When the game begins, you would need to keep your best poker face on.

This is not an online tournament and you should not be giving away any sort of ‘tells’ to your opponents.

That is something the professionals prey on and you should be wary of that. Similarly, there might be a few novices who enter the tournament.

They could be easy pickings if you can learn about their tells.

Also, you should be smart when betting; having a clear game plan about what to do and what not to do in certain situations will help.

Of course, poker isn’t only about planning; it is also about making on the fly decisions; that is an aspect of the game which is important.

Gut feel and luck are two of the biggest factors in winning games; you should think about that when you go in for the bet.

Remember, when the game reaches the final stages, the best players remain and they could be better than you.

So try to play your own game; not get intimidated by the others. If you reach the payout stage of the tournament, you would already be making some money out of it.

So just relax and have a good time.

The most important tip before you go in for a long poker tournament is to rest up; that can make the difference between a good performance or a poor one.

You will be playing against some excellent players; the more tournaments you play, the better it is for you.

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