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Poker Tricks You Thought Only Magicians Can Do

Written by Jason Frakk. Last updated on

Poker really is just a game between people.

Nothing too difficult.

But there are so many conditions, tactics, game modes and styles of play, poker turns into something completely different and for most people it is one of the hardest things to master.

Professionals are obviously winning games and dominating tables, which really strikes fear into the hearts and mind of those new players who think about taking the game up.

The reality is that there are a lot of tricks which players need to know about before they think about making it big in the poker world.

The professionals have certain tricks which make it look like they are magicians on the poker table, winning hand after hand and earning the big bucks in those large tournaments.

Fear not, here are some of the best tips and tricks which you can use for your poker game and you will feel like a magician and wow your opponents or at least win a few hands along the way.

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Scare them to set a fear factor


You often see players walk into a table and literally, people freeze at the table.

Although people don’t really appreciate scare tactics, it is still part of the game and some of the professionals employ this to an incredible degree.

You shouldn’t go and scream and shout at the table but the presence you put on at a table can make a huge difference and make players commit mistakes on the table.

Scare tactics shouldn’t always be employed, start the game like this and then slowly calm down, make yourself heard well and play at the table with control and authority, that shows that you know what you are doing and other players need to either step up or step off letting you dominate the table.

Of course, you need to know what you are doing otherwise you could end up looking like a weirdo trying to act over the top and not achieving anything on the poker table.

Once you create a persona for yourself, trust me, you will see the benefits in other games around the circuit.

People always fear what they don’t know and you being a tough cookie can really make your performance on the table, magical.

Calculate odds like a maniac

How I (Ab)used Poker Calculators-To-Dominate-The-Tables

One of the toughest acts while playing poker is calculating the odds of your hand.

You not only need to keep your odds in calculation but also need to guess what the other players might have received from the dealer.

This is where the men from the boys or the amateurs from the professionals are segregated, trust me.

Learning how to quickly calculate the odds or even having a partial idea of what the odds would be of you winning the hand can be a great help for you but how do you start?

Maths might not be the greatest strength for certain players but odd calculations are extremely important for the game of poker.

The best thing to have is to use a poker chart, a simple piece of paper or an elaborate spread sheet on your computer or device, this can greatly increase your skill at the poker table and the magical calculations you will be able to perform can really help you stand out.

Initially using the chart might seem a little tough especially with so many numbers out there and you having to search the table to find the right combination which has been provided to you but the more you use this chart the better you will perform over time and when you do think about playing the real tables of poker, this knowledge will come in very handy for you.

The ability to bluff

Poker Bluffing

Poker Bluffing

You might often see the professionals do something which doesn’t make sense, like betting or going all in even when they do not have the right cards and hey presto, people fold and they don’t even know that they had a hand which could have won the pot.

Bluffing has been one of the oldest, yet sneakiest ways of getting ahead in the game of poker.

The better a bluffer you are the more chance you have of doing better at games, especially when you are not dealt the cards you expected.

This tactic doesn’t just work for the bluffer but you need to know when the opponent is bluffing and then take them out.

The one thing you should know is that you should get caught bluffing once in a while as well, that really makes people think that you are an easy fish to fry but in reality you know what you are doing and when they think that you are bluffing, you could make them pay by shooting out some really good hands.

Check out what other top players do

phil ivey

You can’t dominate the table unless you learn, the more you learn from the other players, the better you can be.

There is always something new or interesting going on at a table and you need to keep an eye open to learn that up.

Maybe someone is employing different tactics, maybe someone is betting too soon and he has some plan in his mind, don’t think that other players are slow and will not employ their own tactics when playing the game.

They will also try to counter what you have been doing at the table and here you need to have an answer to almost everything that they throw at you.

So always be prepared and keep an eye out for what other players do, if you can counter their moves, you will not only be called a magician on the table but you would be winning a lot of games as well, just remember to keep your cool and never fret about losing a few games.

You can’t make an omelette before breaking a few eggs now can you?

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