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Poker VS Leisure – Getting The Balance Right

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“There is more to poker than life”-Tom McEvoy.

Tom McEvoy is a well-known poker player and has won 4 WSOP bracelets.

Tom McEvoy of course began his own poker career after losing his accounting job in the late 1970’s.

Why did he lose his job you ask?

Well it was his unwavering dedication to poker that caused his work performance to suffer to the point of no return.

Luckily for Tom he was already a pretty decent player and a quick move to Las Vegas was all it took to turn his life around.

Although Tom’s battle was really between work and poker, it still goes to show what happens when you can’t strike the right balance.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many happy stories like Tom McEvoy’s.

On average professional poker players are encouraged to spend on average 60 hours a week on poker, leaving little time for anything else.

For players looking to break into poker this amount of time can easily increase. However, there are a few top poker players who have managed to have it all.

If this graph looks familiar it’s probably because if you substitute poker with your daily 9-5 job you have a snapshot of an average person’s life.

Of course everyone is different so these graphs will vary from person to person.

Getting a healthy balance of work/poker vs leisure isn’t easy and with the rise of online poker for professional online poker players it’s getting harder.

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Balancing online poker

Looking at poker players today, many choose to go online to get their poker fix.

Spending copious amounts of hours practicing.

One top poker player who has taken his passion for online poker all the way is Randy “nanokono” Lew. WCOOP veteran and noted for being able to play 24 tables at the same time, Lew is unlike any other online poker player. What he is less known for perhaps is his blog.

Using his own websites as a platform to share his other interests Randy “nanokono” Lew runs a food and travel blog. As a famous poker player Randy Lew is very lucky to be able to travel the world and he shares all his adventures with his fans. Another way in which Randy is able to balance poker and leisure is via his Twitch account. For those of you who don’t know Twitch is a huge part of the casino streaming craze.

Casino streaming allows players to gain an insight into live casino games and to also interact with some of their favourite players. This offers players a more sociable casino experience. While this is still poker related casino streaming still offers poker players a chance to socialise.

Twitch is the preferred platform of casino streaming and many famous poker players like Felix “xflixx” Schneiders and Randy “nanokono” Lew. Thanks to Twitch, poker enthusiasts can not only follow their favourite players but also learn more about how they spend their free time.

Daniel Negreanu is another professional poker player who has managed to split his time favorably between poker and his other hobbies.

Despite being a winner of 6 WSOP bracelets and full time poker player, Negreanu still finds time for his other interests.

Most notably Daniel Negreanu is an avid fantasy sports fan with hockey being his chosen fantasy sport. Fellow poker player, Phil Hellmuth nicknamed “the brat” can also be seen regularly away from the table and on the golf course.

Finding the balance between playing poker and your own private leisure time isn’t easy. However, despite the long hours that poker demands, it is possible to make room for other interests.

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