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Poker Wiki Or Why It Ain’t So Bad To Brush Up On Your Poker Reading

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Poker Wiki: The idea of signing online and reading about poker may not occur to you as one of the best ways to improve your game.

After all, the only way to get better is to play more, right?

Not really.

There are a lot of reasons why reading the poker wiki can make you better at playing poker faster than just hitting it every night of the week.

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What’s a Wiki?

A wiki is a small website or app that is a collaborative effort.

That means that the wiki may have a single topic – like poker – but it isn’t just written by one person.

A whole bunch of players can contribute and post material, resources and content. The editing can be helpful because other people can sign in and add to someone else’s article, correct information and you can post questions too.

The wikis are like an advanced form of a poker forum; only instead of having to read through pages of wasted comments that have nothing to do with the topic, you are getting high-value information about how to increase your skill and strategy.

You can also find out a lot about what is going on in the poker world so and keep up with your favorite players.

Why read about the game when you can play it?

sexy poker babeSo why read when you can play?

The answer to that one is simple.

Reading teaches you about the game.

If you are not continually learning, you won’t constantly be improving.

Just playing will only get you so far, and then what will happen is as you continue to play you will reinforce bad habits.

This is why having your games or hands reviewed can be essential, and why using the wiki for it can be ideal.

Don’t just read, get your games reviewed

Having a more advanced player take a look at your games or hands and give their take on what can show you areas where you are weak, and where you are strong too.

It takes feedback and critique to sharpen your game.

Don’t try and review the games yourself because you won’t see the mistakes that an outsider will, you will only look at the errors that you already know are there.

You should make sure also to offer to review hands for players that are less skilled then you; this will keep your eyes sharp.

Watch and learn

poker wiki 2

In addition to reading the poker wiki, another great way to improve your game is to watch others play.

There are local games you can sit in the audience and observe poker broadcasts on cable and the Internet, and even tournament DVDs.

Anything you can do to continually expose yourself to the play styles and strategies of those who are more advanced than you will improve your own game.

You should play as much as possible, but make sure that studying the game is also on the menu.

Reading helps you to learn how to wisely select the poker table because deciding to play poker on a no-limit table is risky, and could lead to a considerable loss of money to you.

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poker wikiFor instance, if against your opponent you were holding the ace and another very high card on a particular set, you could be forced to increase the bets, leading to your loss.

poker wiki Insights

Unlike this type of table, a fixed limit table adequately protects you against any odd situation.

Another benefit of the poker wiki is that it teaches you how to read your opponent; which means you would know how to adjust your style of play to that of your opponent.

Winning poker requires going after players who carelessly bet so that you could beat them.

Learning how to identify and interpret tells gives you an idea of the hand of the opponent.

For instance, if your opponent puts his hand over his mouth, he could be concealing a smile; an opponent is likely having a strong hand if he glances at his or her chips when the flop comes, and a beginner player is likely bluffing if he stares at you.

Those are some other basic things you learn from a poker wiki.

The way you handle uncertainty and randomness is important when playing poker; this is one of the things you learn from a poker wiki.

From time to time, downswings happen; and what identifies the difference between a bad and the good player is; how each player reacts to losses and repeated failures at the poker table.

A winner analyzes his mistakes, keeps up his head and prepares for the next hand; while the loser only looks for excuses, making spectators to believe that the loss was not as a result of his fault.

The wiki will also teach you the best ways of keeping your emotions and finances in check; with these simple rules – do not play beyond your limits, and never play when frustrated.

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