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Real Money Poker: Take As Much As You Can, Protect It At All Cost

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Real money poker: Playing poker is gaining a lot of popularity these days.

Either you play it with your friends or play it in tournaments, both the physical form and the online forms, you can enjoy the game especially if you are winning loads of real money poker.

You can win a lot of money online form this game, and it can lead to a very addictive past time since the game is so easy to learn but is very difficult to master.

That is the beauty of the game of poker, you always learn something about your game or about how your opponent thrives (or crumbles) under pressure, it is a strategic war, and you are the General of your army making plans how you can win the next hand.

One thing that players often have problems with is winning so much at the beginning of the game and end up with nothing.

Greed is never a good thing, no matter where you are, and this holds true at the poker table.

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real money poker: Winning isn’t easy

Winning isn’t easyWinning some money can be done with a lot of practice, nothing is better than playing a lot of poker games to develop your strategy.

You can also to learn about how players deal with the pressure during a game.

The more you play, the more you learn about yourself and the game.

Read a lot of good poker books as well, like 52 great poker tips, Harrington on Hold ’em, Caro’s book of tells and The theory of poker, these have been written by pros, and they contain insights and strategies how you can play the game.

You can learn how to deal with bluffs that people make during the game. Reading the books mentioned will give you an idea of what you need to do and how you can win the next time you are at the poker table.

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real money poker: Think and strategize

Using strategies like straddling or placing big bets when you do have a good hand and closing the deal is good to grow your chips.

When you do have a significant amount of chips it is best to leave the table as soon as possible, the longer you stay at the table, the more will be the urge to play that one extra game and that is where you could lose the money you have earned.

poker strategyPlaying real money poker is not easy, especially since you have to play with so many players, in their flesh.

You have to deal with their tells and how to deal with these fake bluffs of calling hands and bets.

Remember they have read and learned a lot about the game like you would have done and they too can use the annoying tactic of calling a straddle when they want to and change the complexion of the game.

There are some simple tips as to how you can ensure that you do make some money and not lose it all.

One such tip is that you should start with small bets and play limit games.

Have a fixed amount that you are willing to spend like maybe $30 and when you are done using that, leave the game, do not continue playing and thinking that you will win it back.

Think of it as an investment and that you would invest in the game next time as well.

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real money poker: Four is good enough, don’t get greedy

Also, a general rule says that if you have won 4 times the money you had put into the game, you should leave the game and run.

You probably won’t win more and start losing the money that you made, so you can’t protect the money you have made and would start losing it fast.

real money poker: Bluff and bluff some more

poker-bluffingBluffing is also a huge part of poker.

“Tell,” and calling tells are part and parcel of the game. And you can bluff your way to winning some hands and pots as well if you do it right. You should not give away any sign of the hand you have been dealt with.

Good or bad you should keep what they call a “poker face,” No, not the song but you should keep a straight face so that no one can find out what you have as your cards, and hence they cannot plan anything that easily.

Remember this game is not easy, and you would be losing hands as well; you do not have to win every single hand to make more money than how much you have put it.

Think of this as a long-term game and that each small hand is part of that long-term game.

You can get a lot of money just by playing small games and doing well in them. Only bet in the larger pots and games when you are sure about the hand you have been dealt with; and are confident about the opponent’s hands as well.

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real money poker: Luck also plays a large part

Luck also plays a large part

There is also a bit of luck to be involved if you are to win a big pot.

Like any game, luck is needed, and with a little bit of luck you could win a large pot; but you need to be there at the table to have a chance of winning it.

You should be able to press your advantage when someone has a weak hand and plays safe bets.

When you should try and use your advantage when you have a decent set of cards; the other player could also be bluffing as that is a huge part of playing poker.

Whatever you do, there are many ways to play the game of poker.

You could end up winning money, but walking away from the table with it is not easy; as you always have the urge of trying to win some more.

So the rule stays that if you win more than four times the amount of money, you have put in; you should walk away.

It is easier said than done but keep this in mind and you should start making more than what you lose.

You can learn a few more tips on making money in poker by using the following link:


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