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Straddle Poker: Why The Pros Love It

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Straddle Poker is one of those games that either frustrates you or makes you feel like a champion, either way, it always makes you come back for more.

The straddle poker is something different as you have to deal with the strategy of the cards being dealt and are playing against human opponents who have their thought processes when playing the game.

Then there is the extra threat of bets and bluffing and tells which just make straddle poker more exciting.

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Poker has grown a lot in the past few years culminating in the World Series of Poker where players try to win millions of dollars while playing poker on live TV

That is how much this has grown from a simple betting game to a proper league with players making a living out of playing straddle poker.

There are a lot of different ways to play the game, strategies that can be different and used by all

Tells are signs that player’s use to learn or to gauge what the cards being dealt with other players would be based on their actions and body language and then there is also the fact that you have to make a bet and this is where the straddle comes in.

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straddle poker bet, what it is?

straddle pokerLets first understand what a straddle is in a game of poker.

This is when a person makes a bet which is higher than the blind bet in the game.

It is often twice the value of the blind bet in the current game and can be even more than twice the blind bet.

This acts as an advantage to the person making the straddle as he effectively gains control of the game as all the players from the left of the straddler have to either call or match the value being bet by the straddle.

Players frown over Straddling sometimes.

They are saying that it is just a random shot in the dark and is done by players who have a vast number of chips and can ruin the game.

They say so because the straddle changes the whole dynamics of the game and makes someone else the final player of the straddle poker.

Some casinos do not allow straddles, so before you go about thinking of using this tactic do read the house rules and then take a decision as to straddling or not.

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The impact of a straddle bet

straddle poker 2Straddle bets leave people with mixed opinions.

But there is something about this tactic that does work and some pros who play the straddle poker love this tactic.

Here is why and when you should straddle, the fact that when you do straddle makes others action and take notice is something that the pros love.

You become the final player; who shows the cards and deal with the actions of the other players. Sure some players frown about losing control; but why should you not straddle and increase the size of the pot being played?

When to straddle?

straddle poker

If you do have a delicious hand, then you should straddle.

This will ensure that you have the chance of winning the entire pot.

Not only that but any other player who might have thought of winning the pot will have to think twice because you have effectively bet a tremendous amount of money in the bet and are willing to risk it.

This means that you would have a pretty decent hand to play with and now the other players will either have to match the same amount to stay in this round or have to fold

So that is the risk you have to take up when going for this tactic while playing poker.

Another reason the pros love the straddle is that you can gain the attention; of the entire room when playing the game.

Remember, poker is not only about the cards; it is about how you deal with the other players in the room.

So if you show that you are willing to take risks and are willing to bet big money; that provides a dominating effect to the other players; ensure that you are not using a tell when you are straddling.

Then it won’t work in your favor, and the other players will get an idea that this is just a big bluff.

This also works to tighten up a game, and the other players in the game; of course it would lead to some players who would fold their hands and leave that game; so it gives you a better chance of winning that pot.

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The negative side of a straddle bet

negative sideHowever, this is often frowned upon by many players, and if you constantly do it, you will get caught out as you will not always be dealt with a great hand.

And someone who has a better hand will take away all the money that you have bet.

Do this only when you are sure of winning or have a lot of chips, and can take the risk of straddling just to spice things up; otherwise, avoid this unless the last-ditch effort to win the game and some extra earnings.

Another time when you can use this method is to close out players.

When you know the player has little or no money left; a straddle bet either makes them go all in or make them leave the game thus ending their stay at the table.

Again not many people like this strategy but whoever said, winners, don’t make tough plays?

Poker is not the easiest game in the world; with so many tricks and bluffs, it is hard to play a beautiful and enjoyable game.

This game is very strategic and you do have to bluff your way to greatness to win the big bucks; so do straddle once in a while.

But do not make it a habit when playing all your games. You should be able to win some big deals if not some massive games.

You can learn more about straddle bets here http://www.parttimepoker.com/understanding-the-straddle-in-texas-holdem-poker-facts-thoughts-and-strategies

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