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Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: Why It’s Called the Cadillac of Poker

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Texas Holdem poker is called the “Cadillac of Poker” because it takes strategy and skill to the highest level.

While other poker styles can have more variation, the stakes can get higher with Texas Holdem poker.

Essential to the play is each player’s mastery of themselves, and their ability to read their opponents.

It is both easy to learn and difficult to master.

One of the most exciting things to watch is a high limit pot game; this can introduce you to the professional world of poker quickly and show you what it’s all about.

There are also many online venues where you can learn and try a few rounds to see just how well you do with the Cadillac of Poker.

It can be flashy, expensive but in the end, the ride is what it is all about.

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Easy to learn, hard to master Texas Holdem Poker

hard to masterAnyone can learn texas holdem poker, that is one of the reasons that it so quickly replaced five card draw as the “party poker” game of choice.

But it can take a lifetime to get a handle on the mastery of the skill and strategy it takes to play texas hold em poker well.

The whole style of the game goes beyond just your hand to encompass your read of your opponents as well.

It isn’t just about understanding the chances of hands and combinations; a good player learns how to spot the tells that reveal their opponent’s hand through betting patterns and physical traits.

Important Tips for Winning

You can learn Texas Holdem poker within some minutes, and with a few hours of practice, you can be playing fairly well.

However, being an expert requires following these tips:

  • Learn the best starting hands and the worst starting hands of the game,
  • Have an understanding of your position at the table, as that can help or make you lose,
  • Always follow the good poker etiquette,
  • Learn how to read the board and identify the hand that beats which hand with Texas Hold’em Quiz.

Through online poker rooms, you can have access to many free play money tables where you can practice until you are ready and willing to start playing with real money on the tables.

Starting by playing online is highly recommended because many tedious details such as shuffling, dealing and determining the person with the best hand are handled.

The Basics

poker basicIn Texas Hold’em, players are dealt their first two cards face down, which is referred to as “the hole.” The rest of the cards are played face up.

While your opponent can see the better part of half of your hand; only you know what your hole cards contain. Betting is a hedge on the chances of combinations rising out of the hole to clear the table.

This is why the tells become important; not just in being able to read the tells of the other players; but in learning to control your own.

There is more of an emphasis on the social strategy and character strategy in presentation and betting style in Texas Hold’em than in any other style of poker.

The Flop

The “flop” is another term that you here in Texas Hold’em.

Two hole cards are face down and not revealed until the call; the next three cards are face up – making them the flop because they are visible to all. After the last card, the “river” face. With the last card gives, betting commences.

Unlike draw poker, betting is done with no trade. Around is bet, called and the hand is revealed.

Learning to play can be exciting and fun.

Try it out with some friends and play some low limit pot games; until you get a better grasp of the play and strategy involved.

There is a lot written about the nature of play and you can learn a lot by watching others too.


Texas Hold ‘Em poker is arguably the best to learn if you are a beginner, unlike many other poker games where you need to be skilled at calculating odds and counting cards.

With the understanding of the basic structure of the game, it is possible to even play some of its variants.

The popularity and simplicity of Hold ’em’s have led to the publishing of various strategy books which teach you how to master the game.

Many of the books provide recommendations on a strategy involving playing relatively few hands. And placing bets and often raising with the hands you play.

Some of the factors which have also contributed to the popularity of this game are the invention of online poker. Growth in the TV ads of online card rooms; the appearance of the game on television and in film, among others.

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